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    Getting to Outcomes® Handbook for U.S. Air and Space Force Community Action Planning

    Getting To Outcomes helps Air and Space Force Community Action Teams develop a Community Action Plan. The Handbook includes guidance and tools. The Resource Guide provides links and tips. The Workbook contains blank versions of the tools.

    Dec 28, 2021

  • 17th Special Operations Squadron conducts full-force training, photo by Senior Airman Peter Reft/U.S. Air Force


    Managing Intellectual Property Relevant to Operating and Sustaining Major U.S. Air Force Weapon Systems

    Expanded reliance on original equipment manufacturers have led the U.S. Air Force to give less priority to acquiring appropriate intellectual property. What organizational change should the Air Force consider to better acquire and use intellectual property?

    Sep 14, 2021

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    A Clean Sheet Approach to Space Acquisition in Light of the New Space Force

    The authors describe an unconstrained "clean sheet" approach to space acquisition for the U.S. Space Force designed around the unique mission and calling of the new service.

    Aug 25, 2021

  • A staff member stands in front of the launchpad at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center ahead of the Shenzhou-12 mission to build China's space station, near Jiuquan, Gansu Province, China, June 16, 2021, photo by Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters


    Deterring China in Space

    How could the United States, along with key allies and partners, prevent China from taking actions in space or interfering with space-based capabilities in ways that are harmful to U.S. national security interests?

    Jul 27, 2021

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    RAND Space Launch Virtual Panel

    A virtual panel discussion hosted by the RAND Space Enterprise Initiative tackles issues related to the global space launch enterprise.

    Dec 8, 2020

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    Enhancing Assessments of Space Mission Assurance

    The authors describe decisionmaker needs for assessments of space mission assurance (SMA), challenges for conducting SMA assessments, the shortfalls that may result from the challenges, and options for addressing the shortfalls.

    May 20, 2020

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    News Release

    New Space Force Will Need Resources, Clear Definition of Warfighting Mission

    To meet the goals of the U.S. Space Force most space activities in the Department of Defense should be moved into the new service. Moreover, it will be critical that the Space Force clearly define and clarify its space warfighting mission.

    Mar 13, 2020

  • A military camouflage uniform bearing a U.S. Space Force nametape and U.S. Space Command shoulder patch, January 17, 2020, photo by U.S. Space Force/Handout via Reuters

    Research Brief

    How to Build an Effective, Efficient, and Independent Space Force

    To increase its likelihood of developing into a successful organization, the new U.S. Space Force should define and clarify its space warfighting missions. And most space activities in the Department of Defense should be moved into the new service.

    Mar 13, 2020

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    A Separate Space: Creating a Military Service for Space

    As the United States creates the Space Force as a service within the Department of the Air Force, RAND assessed which units to bring into the Space Force, analyzed career field sustainability and drew lessons from other defense organizations.

    Mar 13, 2020

  • The West Coast Aerospace Forum provides a rare chance to engage with some of the Air Force's most senior and experienced leaders as well as top civilian national security experts in a setting that encourages debate, discussion, and audience interaction.


    An Air and Space Force Designed for the Future

    At the fifth annual West Coast Aerospace Forum, some of the Air Force's most senior leaders joined RAND researchers and other top national security experts to discuss important issues related to the future of air and space power.

    Feb 4, 2020

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    Michael Spirtas

    Associate Director, International Security and Defense Policy Center; Senior Political Scientist
    Education Ph.D. in international relations, Columbia University

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    Erik Van Hegewald

    Assistant Policy Researcher, RAND; Ph.D. Student, Pardee RAND Graduate School
    Education B.S. in astronautical engineering/applied math, United States Air Force Academy