Workforce Diversity


An increasing number of organizations—from private corporations to the U.S. military—want their workforces to reflect the evolving racial, ethnic, gender, socioeconomic, ideological, and generational makeup of society. RAND conducts empirical research on managing diversity to help leaders clearly define the diversity, develop rigorous metrics to support that definition, and design and apply comprehensive accountability systems with real rewards and consequences for individuals and groups.

  • Young man working at computer outside


    The Realities of Silicon Valley's Lack of Workforce Diversity

    Oct 2, 2014

    Major Silicon Valley tech firms have released statistics indicating their workforces are largely made up of white men. Corporate America is on the receiving end of a complex chain of social and educational factors that continue to leave minorities behind in terms of college graduation.

  • Capt. Kristen Griest and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver are congratulated at Ranger school graduation at Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia, August 21, 2015


    RAND Studies Help Inform Pentagon Decision to Open Combat Roles to Women

    Feb 5, 2016

    RAND researchers addressed topics such as whether members of U.S. special forces are ready to integrate women into their ranks and what lessons may be learned from other militaries that already have integrated women into combat positions.

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