Workforce Diversity


An increasing number of organizations—from private corporations to the U.S. military—want their workforces to reflect the evolving racial, ethnic, gender, socioeconomic, ideological, and generational makeup of society. RAND conducts empirical research on managing diversity to help leaders clearly define the diversity, develop rigorous metrics to support that definition, and design and apply comprehensive accountability systems with real rewards and consequences for individuals and groups.

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    U.S. Military Drawdown Could Affect Gains in Service Member Diversity

    Oct 26, 2015

    Planned, large-scale personnel reductions in the U.S. military could inadvertently reduce gains made in the racial and gender diversity of the force since the 1990s. Conducting adverse impact analyses prior to making drawdown decisions could allow the services to identify interventions earlier in service members' military careers.

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    Ending the 'Brogrammer' Culture: How to Close the Gender Gap

    May 17, 2018

    Despite recent progress, women are significantly outnumbered in technology, comprising only 30 percent of the workforce worldwide. It's up to society, governments, and technology companies to close the gap. Improving internet access, education, and career opportunities for women could help.

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