M. Scott Bond

Technical Analyst
Off Site Office


M.A. in security policy studies, George Washington University; B.A. in International Affairs (China), The Ohio State University; B.A. in mandarin, The Ohio State University


Michael Bond is a technical analyst working at the intersection of military technology, modeling and simulation, wargaming, and East-Asia. His research interests include force modernization, naval warfare, PLA modernization, wargaming, and modeling and simulation. Bond also serves as the MORS Junior Analyst Ambassador for the Wargaming Community of Practice.

Bond graduated with a MA in Security Policy Studies from George Washington University in 2018 where he specialized on defense analysis and data analytics. Bond also holds dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Mandarin and International Studies (China) from The Ohio State University.

Selected Publications

Spirtas, Michael, Yool Kim, Frank Camm, Shirley M. Ross, Debra Knopman, Forrest E. Morgan, Sebastian Joon Bae, M. Scott Bond, John S. Crown, and Elaine Simmons, A Separate Space: Creating a Military Service for Space, RAND Corporation (RR-4263-AF), 2020