R. J. Briggs

R. J. Briggs
Economist; Professor of Policy Analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School
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B.A.S. in economics, UC Davis; B.A.S. in mathematics, UC Davis; Ph.D. in economics, University of Texas


R. J. Briggs is an economist at RAND. ​His research focuses on insurance markets, catastrophic risk and public policy, and long-term environmental risks. Briggs has worked on a diverse array of RAND projects, from modeling the returns of education to measuring the efficacy of U.S. Naval communications networks. Most recently, he investigated the options for the Department of Defense's disposal of PFAS-impacted wastes, the use of insurance pricing information for resilience investment valuation at Army installations, and the need for federal (re-) insurance policy to address catastrophic cyber risks.

Selected Publications

Briggs, R. J., Christy Foran, Kristin Van Abel, Hye Min Park, Karishma V. Patel, Clare Porter, Joseph Dawson, Estimation of PFAS Disposal Capacity Relative to DoD Disposal Requirements, (RR-A2264-1), 2024 (forthcoming)

Lachman, Beth E., R. J. Briggs, Michael T. Wilson, Susan A. Resetar, Jon Niewijk, and Philip Song, Valuing Army Installation Resilience Investments for Natural Hazards: Exploring the Use of Insurance Methods and Historical Installation Storm Damage, RAND Corporation (RR-A2382-1), 2023

Tingstad, Abbie, Michael T. Wilson, Katherine Anania, Jordan R. Fischbach, Susan A. Resetar, Scott Savitz, Kristin Van Abel, R. J. Briggs, Aaron C. Davenport, Stephanie Pezard, Kristin Sereyko, Jonathan Theel, Marc Thibault, and Edward Ulin, Developing New Future Scenarios for the U.S. Coast Guard's Evergreen Strategic Foresight Program, RAND Corporation (RR-3147-DHS), 2020

Raffensperger, John F., Marygail K. Brauner, and R. J. Briggs, Planning Hospital Needs for Ventilators and Respiratory Therapists in the COVID-19 Crisis, RAND Corporation (PE-A228-1), 2020

Preston, Benjamin Lee, Tom LaTourrette, James R. Broyles, R. J. Briggs, David Catt, Christopher Nelson, Jeanne S. Ringel, and Daniel A. Waxman, Updating the Costs of Compliance for California's Hospital Seismic Safety Standards, RAND Corporation (RR-3059-CHA), 2019