Karen Christianson

Karen Christianson

Policy Analyst

Karen Christianson (she/her) is a policy analyst at RAND. Her research interests include the design, implementation, and evaluation of educational programs and policies. She is particularly interested in efforts to eliminate racial and socioeconomic opportunity gaps in education. Christianson has expertise in managing projects, qualitative data collection and analysis, and clearly reporting project findings to help policymakers make informed decisions.

Prior to joining RAND, Christianson taught algebra for five years and ran the math department at a Title I school in Houston, Texas. Christianson received her B.A. in economics and philosophy from Carleton College and her M.S. in public policy and management from the Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University. 


B.A. in philosophy and economics, Carleton College; M.S. in public policy and management, Carnegie Mellon University

Selected Work

  • Christianson, Karen, Celia J. Gomez, Catherine H. Augustine, and Heather L. Schwartz, Learning to Focus on Adult Social and Emotional Learning First in Tulsa: One of Six Case Studies of Schools and Out-of-School-Time Program Partners (Volume 2, Part 7), RAND Corporation (RR-A379-10), 2022
  • Gittens, Allyson D., Karen Christianson, and Elizabeth D. Steiner, Conditions That Teachers of Color Perceive as Contributing to a Sense of Belonging at School: Findings from the 2022 Learn Together Survey, RAND Corporation (RR-A827-17), 2023
  • Kaufman, Julia H., Karen Christianson, Rebecca L. Wolfe, Miray Tekkumru-Kisa, and Christopher Joseph Doss, Designing and Implementing Micro-Credentials to Support STEM Teaching: Lessons from Louisiana's Project to Improve Pre-Engineering and Computer Science Education Through Micro-Credentialing, RAND Corporation (RR-A2486-1), 2023
  • Huguet, Alice, Christopher Joseph Doss, Benjamin K. Master, Fatih Unlu, Jessica L. Sousa, Karen Christianson, and Garrett Baker, Widening the Pathway: Implementation and Impacts of Alternative Teacher Preparation Programs Across Three Contexts, RAND Corporation (RR-A281-1), 2021
  • Posard, Marek N., Gabriella C. Gonzalez, Luke J. Matthews, Karen Christianson, Jamie L. Ryan, Shirley M. Ross, and Irineo Cabreros, Evaluation of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership Program: Report on the Second Stage of Analysis, RAND Corporation (RR-A531-1), 2021
  • Augustine, Catherine H., John Engberg, Geoffrey E. Grimm, Emma Lee, Elaine Lin Wang, Karen Christianson, and Andrea A. Joseph, Can Restorative Practices Improve School Climate and Curb Suspensions? An Evaluation of the Impact of Restorative Practices in a Mid-Sized Urban School District, RAND Corporation (RR-2840-DOJ), 2018

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