Monika Cooper

Monika Cooper
Senior Technical Analyst; Former Combatant Commands & NATO Liaison, RAND National Security Research Division (NSRD)
Washington Office


Doctorate Business Administration (In Progress) in business administration, cultural intelligence, University of Maryland, Global; MBA in economics, finance, Bellevue University; Bachelor of Science in international business management, Bellevue University; Undergrad Studies in psychology, modern languages, Creighton University


Monika Cooper (she/her) is a senior technical advisor at RAND Corporation in Arlington, VA, and previously served on the International Staff as a Communications, Command, Control, and Surveillance (C3S) life cycle expert for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels, Belgium from 2002 until 2014. Cooper has worked at Defense Contract Management Agency and the United States Air Force Electronic Systems Center in operations research and specializes in the acquisition and program planning for advanced weapon systems. She advises agencies on force analysis, strategic planning, effective performance criteria and evaluation, and organizational change. Her recent publications explore the identification of biological threats, including modeling algorithms for early indication, establishing best practices for effective subcontractor performance, signals of contractor performance risks, operational and mission scenario development, mechanisms for improving organization performance, and facets of using artificial intelligence for supply chain and contract management in federal organizations.

Research Focus

Capabilities Based Planning; Forecasting Methodology; Risk Management; North Atlantic Treaty Organization; Operations Research; Program Evaluation; Science of Science; Supply Chain Management; United States Department of Defense; Unmanned Maritime Vessels; Agile Software Development

B.S. in International Business Management, summa cum laude, Master of Business Administration with a focus on finance, honors, and pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration at UMGC in Maryland. Cooper is certified in program and financial management, DAWIA Level II, and Six Sigma Green/Black Belt.

Honors & Awards

Spotlight Award 2021, RAND Corporation

Previous Positions

Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) - Fourth Estate, Program Manager/Integrator - Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, Portsmouth, RI; ZHL, LLC - Principal Acquisition Manager - Remote (EU); North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Office of Resources (NOR) - International Staff, Communications, Command, Control and Surveillance (C3S) Program Manager Life Cycle Engineer - Belgium (EU); NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA/NC3A) - Cost Expert - Senior Contracting Officer - Belgium/Netherlands; Department of Defense, United States Air Force, Electronic Systems Center (ESC) - Cost Analyst/Operations Research, Palace Acquire (PAC) - Hanscom, AFB, MA

Recent Projects

  • Syndromic Surveillance 2.0
  • Army Supplier Base Resilience
  • Counter Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program
  • Best Practices for SubcontractingBest Practices for Subcontracting
  • Sustainment Planning for Army Hypersonic Weapon Systems

Selected Publications

Christopher G. Pernin, Cortney Weinbaum, John Bordeaux, Monika Cooper, Christopher Joseph Doss, Jared Mondschein, Jan Osburg, Angela Putney, Christopher Scott Adams, Sunny D. Bhatt, Emily-Kate Chiusano, Sarah W. Denton, Richard S. Girven, David Luckey, Independent Assessment of the Department of Defense Counter Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-sUAS) Program, RAND (RR-A1568-1 ), 2021

Krista Romita Grocholski, Scott Savitz, Jonathan P. Wong, Sydney Litterer, Raza Khan, and Monika Cooper, How to Effectively Measure the Impact of Intermediate Force Capabilities (IFCs), RAND (RR-RR-A654-1), 2022

Caolionn O'Connell, Bryan Boling, Jonathan Balk, James Broyles, Monika Cooper , Hidden Disruptions to the Supply Chain: Resistors Case Study, (RR-A466-1), 2021

Rajeev Ramchand, Sangeeta Ahluwalia, M. Avriette, Gary Cecchine, Monika Cooper, Christy Foran, Daniel Hicks, Natasha Lander, Sarita Lee , Syndromic Surveillance 2.0 Emerging Global Surveillance Strategies for Infectious Disease Epidemics , RAND (RR-), 2022 (forthcoming)

Honors & Awards

  • Spotlight Award 2021, RAND Corporation
  • Palace Acquire - Outstanding Scholar, United States Air Force
  • summa cum laude, Bachelor of Science, Bellevue University


Spanish; French; German; English