Brian Dolan

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Pittsburgh Office


Ph.D. in aerospace engineering, University of Cincinnati; B.S. in mechanical and aerospace engineering, SUNY Buffalo


Brian Dolan (he/him) is an engineer with expertise in aerospace science and engineering, measurement and sensing technologies, quantitative data analysis, science and technology policy, and system modeling. His research at RAND encompasses numerous aspects of national and homeland security. Recent work has studied topics such as the readiness of the US Space Force, export policy pertaining to WMD delivery systems, integrated conventional and nuclear operations, and strategies for leveraging commercial space services.

Prior to joining RAND in 2017, Dolan held a temporary research position at the IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute, where he delivered technical analysis on policy challenges including anthropogenic methane emissions and safety regulation in commercial human spaceflight to The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and other sponsors in the Federal Government. In 2016, he earned his Ph.D. degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, where he led multiple research and development programs that improved the performance, and our understanding of, advanced aerospace propulsion systems.

Selected Publications

Don Snyder, Sherrill Lingel, George Nacouzi, Brian Dolan, Jake McKeon, John Speed Meyers, Kurt Klein, Thomas Hamilton, Managing Nuclear Modernization Challenges for the U.S. Air Force A Mission-Centric Approach, The RAND Corporation (RR-3178-AF), 2019

George Nacouzi, J.D. Williams, Brian Dolan, Anne Stickells, David Luckey, Colin Ludwig, Jia Xu, Yuliya Shokh, Daniel M. Gerstein, Michael H. Decker, Assessment of the Proliferation of Certain Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems: Response to Section 1276 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017, The RAND Corporation (RR-2369), 2017

Brian Dolan, Rodrigo Villalva Gomez, Spencer Pack, Ephraim Gutmark, "Measurements and Analysis of Alternating Flow Patterns in a Multinozzle Combustor," AIAA Journal, 55(1), 2017

Brian Dolan, Rodrigo Villalva Gomez, Gregory Zink, Spencer Pack, Ephraim Gutmark, "Effect of Nozzle Spacing on Nitrogen-Oxide Emissions and Lean Operability," AIAA Journal, 54(6), 2016