Daniel Elinoff

Daniel Elinoff
Defense Analyst


M.A. in war studies, King's College London; B.A. in international affairs - conflict and security, George Washington University


Daniel M. Elinoff is a defense and homeland security analyst at the RAND Corporation, where he works in security cooperation, strategic planning, workforce development, disaster recovery, and homeland security policy. He came to RAND from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), where he was a policy analyst for the Recovery Directorate of the Office of Response and Recovery. Prior, Elinoff worked for FEMA Region 1 in Public Assistance policy, as an intelligence and training intern for the Terrorism Research Center and served for four years as a combat medic with the US Army. He deployed to Iraq in 2011 as a company and platoon medical NCO and to Afghanistan in 2012 as a security force advisor to the Afghan National Army. Elinoff holds a BA in international affairs with a concentration in conflict and security from the George Washington University and a MA in war studies from King's College London.

Selected Publications

Clancy, Noreen, Lloyd Dixon, Daniel Elinoff, Kathryn Kuznitsky, and Sean McKenna, Modernizing Puerto Rico's Housing Sector Following Hurricanes Irma and Maria: Post-Storm Challenges and Potential Courses of Action, RAND Corporation (RR-2602-DHS), 2020

Tarraf, Danielle C., William Shelton, Edward Parker, Brien Alkire, Diana Gehlhaus, Justin Grana, Alexis Levedahl, Jasmin Léveillé, Jared Mondschein, James Ryseff, Ali Wyne, Daniel Elinoff, Edward Geist, Benjamin N. Harris, Eric Hui, Cedric Kenney, Sydne J. Newberry, Chandler Sachs, Peter Schirmer, Danielle Schlang, Victoria M. Smith, Abbie Tingstad, Padmaja Vedula, and Kristin Warren, The Department of Defense Posture for Artificial Intelligence: Assessment and Recommendations, RAND Corporation (RR-4229-OSD), 2019