Catherine Galley

Catherine Galley


M.Litt. in terrorism and political violence, University of St Andrews; B.Sc. in politics and international relations, University of Exeter


Catherine Galley is an analyst at the RAND Corporation. Working primarily for RAND Europe in the areas of defence and security, she has experience in quantitative and qualitative research methods, including literature reviews, interviews, statistical analysis, data visualisation and machine learning techniques. Galley has worked on a variety of projects at RAND Europe, including emerging technology, defence personnel and human rights. She completed her M.Litt. in terrorism and political violence at the University of St. Andrews. Galley also holds a B.Sc. in politics and international relations from the University of Exeter.

Selected Publications

Johnson, Grant, Sean M. Zeigler, Marco Hafner, and Catherine Galley, Quantifying the link between COVID-19, conflict risk, and the global economy, RAND Corporation (RR-A2302-1), 2023