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Extended and repeated deployments can cause significant stress to military families and may result in lower levels of reenlistment. RAND research has explored the need for military-sponsored child care and the role of military spouses, and continues to provide guidance to policymakers on how to attract and retain personnel with essential skills while also supporting military families.

  • Debra Mendelsohn (left) poses with her husband, Bill (center), and their two children, Emelie and Doug, in November 2010, photo courtesy of the Mendelsohn family


    The Resilience of Military Families

    Jun 16, 2016

    Deployment of a spouse and parent can shake a military family to its core. But according to RAND research, these families display remarkable resilience.

  • U.S. Army soldier holds his daughter after a deployment ceremony at the Alaska National Guard Armory, photo by Justin Connaher/U.S. Air Force


    Insights from the Deployment Life Study

    Apr 7, 2016

    Experiences during a service member's deployment can have a profound impact on how families fare during the reintegration period. But for many experienced military families, functioning eventually returns to pre-deployment levels.

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