Military Spouses

  • Spouses of soldiers participate in a Spouse Spur Ride at Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii, November 15, 2008, photo by Sgt. Mike Alberts/U.S. Army


    How Do Army Spouses Find the Help They Need?

    The U.S. Army provides many resources to help soldiers and their families cope with military life. But Army spouses typically learn about services through word-of-mouth rather than through program outreach efforts. The Army could do more to get the word out about available assistance.

    Dec 15, 2021

  • Report


    Evaluation of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership Program: Report on the Second Stage of Analysis

    In this second-phase study on the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) program, the authors analyzed jobs on the MSEP Career Portal in 2016, interviewed participating employers in 2016, and then surveyed and interviewed spouses in 2019.

    Jul 21, 2021

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    Army Spouse Survey: Data to Help the Army Meet Spouses' Unique Needs

    A survey of Army spouses identified challenges that Army families face and resources they need, including how spouses prioritize needs and how the Army can best address their most-pressing unmet needs.

    Oct 8, 2019

  • An Army couple reacts to local residents' posts regarding housing issues on a community Facebook group at their army base home in Fort Hood, Texas, May 16, 2019, photo by Amanda Voisard/Reuters


    How Do Army Families Handle the Challenges of Military Life?

    Soldiers might see the stressors of military life as part of their duty. But what about their families? A survey of more than 8,500 Army spouses identified the problems they faced in the past year, the resources they sought, and whether those resources met their needs.

    Oct 3, 2019

  • RAND Weekly Recap


    Military Spouses, Exercise Incentives, Libraries: RAND Weekly Recap

    This weekly recap focuses on a scholarship program for military spouses, a wellness program that uses the Apple Watch, how libraries can improve public health, and more.

    Nov 30, 2018

  • A woman holding a diploma


    Scholarships Associated with Employment and Higher Earnings for Military Spouses

    MyCAA Scholarships aim to help military spouses obtain associate's degrees, occupational certificates, or licenses in high-demand portable career fields. They are associated with employment and higher earnings, and service members married to MyCAA users are more likely to be on active duty three years later.

    Nov 29, 2018

  • A woman graduating

    Research Brief

    Scholarships Improve Work Prospects for Military Spouses

    MyCAA Scholarships are reaching the intended population—military spouses who want or need work, who are early in their careers, and who face military moves and deployments. Findings regarding work and earnings are promising, and personnel married to MyCAA users are more likely to still be on active duty three years after the scholarship is awarded.

    Nov 29, 2018

  • A U.S. Marine Corps soldier and his family outside their home


    Frequent Moves Affect Military Family Stability

    About one-third of military service members experience a permanent change of station every year. Sometimes the moves have a positive effect, such as moving to a more desirable location, but they can also disrupt family stability. The DoD offers programs, policies, and services to address the disruptions.

    Oct 18, 2018

  • An officer walking his children to school and daycare on Bike and Walk to School and Work Day at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, May 4, 2016


    Army Soldier and Family Needs Vary Across Bases

    The Army has many programs to help soldiers and their families cope with military life. But do these programs address their most pressing needs? An analysis of survey data, interviews, and focus groups from 13 garrisons provides local-level insight into soldier and family issues and needs, as well as the resources they use.

    Jul 24, 2018

  • Research Brief

    Research Brief

    How resilience affects the transition experiences of UK Service leavers

    RAND Europe was commissioned by the Forces in Mind Trust to research how resilience can affect transition experiences and outcomes for UK Service leavers.

    Jun 27, 2018

  • Report


    Understanding resilience as it affects the transition from the UK Armed Forces to civilian life

    Building on a previous consultation looking at the transition experiences of UK Service leavers, RAND Europe was commissioned by the Forces in Mind Trust to research the effect of Service leavers' resilience on transition pathways and outcomes.

    Jun 27, 2018

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    Air Force Sexual Assault Situations, Settings, and Offender Behaviors

    To assist Air Force efforts to prevent and respond to sexual assault, this report focuses on providing a better understanding of sexual assaults committed by airmen, including suspect characteristics and behaviors and risky situations and settings.

    Apr 10, 2018

  • A U.S. soldier and his wife talking over breakfast

    News Release

    RAND Administering 2018 'Today's Army Spouse' Survey

    Researchers from RAND will administer a U.S. Army-sponsored survey to provide spouses of soldiers an opportunity to speak out on the challenges they face and the services they find most helpful.

    Jan 2, 2018

  • U.S. Army officer returning from Afghanistan holds his son for the first time during a redeployment ceremony at Fort Hood, December 9, 2016


    Are Soldiers Getting What They Need?

    In addition to typical household issues, U.S. military families deal with unique challenges, such as deployments and frequent moves. A survey of more than 7,000 active-duty soldiers provides insight into the problems they face, their needs, and the resources they use.

    Oct 9, 2017

  • Research Brief

    Research Brief

    The Effects of Military Change-of-Station Moves on Spousal Earnings

    Military spouses' career earnings are significantly and negatively affected by the permanent change-of-station moves required by their military spouses.

    Dec 2, 2016

  • Report


    The Military Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Program: Recommendations for an Internal Monitoring System

    This report outlines a strategy for the U.S. Department of Defense Military Community and Family Policy office to track progress on initiatives that aim to provide career development and employment assistance for military spouses.

    Sep 7, 2016

  • Report


    Evaluation of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership: Progress Report on First Stage of Analysis

    This first of two reports documents the first phase of RAND research to assess the Military Spouse Employment Partnership's progress in supporting military spouse employment and closing the wage gap between military and civilian spouses.

    Dec 28, 2015

  • Young man drinking vodka


    Tools for Coping with a Military Spouse's Drinking

    Partners Connect, a research study and web program, aims to help military spouses concerned about a loved one's drinking. Spouses can access free online communication tools and tips for taking care of themselves and their spouses.

    Oct 5, 2015

  • Women network with representatives from Lockheed Martin at the Military Spouse Career Forum and Fair, April 2014


    Advancing the Careers of Military Spouses

    Military spouses face challenges related to military life that can make it difficult for them to maintain and develop careers. The My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) scholarship is one program designed to help them, but only one in five eligible spouses reported using it.

    Jan 21, 2015

  • Sgt. First Class Richard Martinez is given the Milton Award that recognizes achievements in military intelligence during a redeployment ceremony


    Dear Military Spouses: I'm Sorry

    Kayla Williams describes her difficult transition from soldier to spouse, sergeant to civilian, team leader to caregiver. Two books by military wives opened her eyes to the challenges and rewards of marrying into the military, and the unique kind of service military families experience.

    Feb 27, 2014