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Madhumita (Bonnie) Ghosh-Dastidar is head of the Statistics Group and a senior statistician and data scientist at RAND. Her policy applications are primarily in health and social justice.  Specific examples include evaluation of neighborhood-level intervention to improve diet, health; randomized trails in HIV patients; and measurement or surveillance in health disparity. Her statistical expertise includes design, sampling, measurement, missing data, evaluations, and longitudinal/multilevel modeling. Ghosh-Dastidar's major studies include assessment of sexual assault and harassment in the U.S. military and the first Singapore mental health study to assess national prevalence. She is the 2024 President of the American Statistical Association (ASA), the largest society of statisticians and data scientists.  She is an elected fellow of the ASA. The ASA Committee on Women in Statistics recognized her work in statistics and data science by naming her "Top 20 Woman in Statistics and Data Science" (March 2019. Ghosh-Dastidar received her Ph.D. and M.A. in statistics from Penn State, University Park, PA; she also holds a dual Bachelor's in mathematics and computer science from Albright College, Reading, PA.


Ph.D. in statistics, Pennsylvania State University; M.A. in statistics, Pennsylvania State University; B.S. in mathematics and computer science, Albright College



Concurrent Non-RAND Positions

2024 President, American Statistical Association

Selected Work

  • Ghosh-Dastidar, B., Elliot, M.N., Haviland, A., Karoly, L.A., "Composite Estimates from Incomplete and Complete Frames for Minimum-MSE Estimation in a Rare Population: An Application to Families with Young Children," Public Opinion Quarterly, 73(4), 2009
  • Ghosh-Dastidar, B., and Schafer, J.L., "Outlier Detection and Editing Procedures for Continuous Multivariate Survey Data," Journal of Official Statistics, 22(3), 2006
  • Ghosh-Dastidar, B., and Schafer, J.L., "Multiple Edit/Multiple Imputation for Continuous Multivariate Survey Data," Journal of the American Statistical Association, 98(464), 2003
  • Rendall, M., Ghosh-Dastidar, B., Weden, M., Nazarov, Z., "Multiple Imputation for Combined-Survey Estimation with Incomplete Regressors in One but not Both Surveys," Sociological Methods and Research (forthcoming)
  • Cantor, J., Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar, Gerald Hunter, Matthew Baird, Andrea S. Richardson, Tamara Dubowitz, "What is Associated with Changes in Food Security among Low-income Residents of a former Food Desert?" Nutrients , 14(24), 2022
  • Friedman, Esther M, Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar, Teague Ruder, Daniel Siconolfi, Regina A. Shih, "Trends In Home Care Versus Nursing Home Workforce Sizes Are States Converging Or Diverging Over Time?" Health Affairs, 40(12), 2021

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