Beth Grill

Photo of Beth Grill
Senior Policy Analyst
Pittsburgh Office


M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies and Economics, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies; B.A. in international studies, Johns Hopkins University


Beth Grill is a Senior Policy Analyst at the RAND Corporation specializing in defense and intelligence policy.  Her research focuses on security cooperation, counterterrorism, and counterinsurgency.  She is currently leading a study on transparency in DoD security cooperation spending.  She has a particular interest in U.S. partnership building efforts in Middle East, Central Asia and Africa, having published extensive studies on Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and Eastern Africa.  Beth has a Master's degree in Middle East studies and Economics from The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. She served as a Presidential Management Fellow and as a policy analyst at the US Department of Commerce, where she concentrated on export controls of chemical and biological weapons precursors.

Recent Projects

  • Transparency in U.S. DoD Security Cooperation Reporting
  • Supporting Medical Opertions in Denied Environments
  • Building Partner Capacity for Agile Combat Support
  • Calculating the Costs and Benefits of Shaping Operations
  • Interpreting Human Behavior from an ISR Environment

Selected Publications

Christopher Paul, Russell Glenn, Beth Grill, Megan Mckernan, Barbara Raymond, Matt Stafford, and Horacio Truijillo, "Identifying Urban Flashpoints: A Delphi-Derived Model for Scoring Cities' Vulnerability to Large-Scale Unrest," Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, 31(11), 2008

Beth Grill, Michael J. McNerney, Jeremy Boback, Renanah Miles, Cynthia Clapp-Wincek, and David Thaler, Follow the Money: Promoting Greater Transparency in Department of Defense Security Cooperation Reporting, RAND (RR-2039-OSD), 2017 (forthcoming)

David Thaler, Michael McNerney, Beth Grill, Jeffrey P. Marquis, Amanda Kadlec, From Patchwork to Framework: A Review of Title 10 Authorities for Security Cooperation, RAND (RR-2113), 2016

Stephanie Pezzard, David Thaler, Beth Grill, Ariel Klein, Sean Robson, The Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance (CFE-DMHA), RAND (RR-1332-OSD), 2016

Christopher Paul, Jennifer D.P. Moroney, Beth Grill, Colin P. Clarke, Lisa Saum-Manning, Heather Peterson, Brian Gord, What Works Best When Building Partner Capacity in Challenging Contexts?RAND (RR-937), 2015

Christopher Paul, Colin Clarke, Beth Grill, Molly Dunigan, Paths to Victory: Lessons from Modern Insurgencies, RAND (RR-291/1), 2013

Christopher Paul, Michael Nixon, Heather Peterson, Beth Grill, Jessica Yeats, RAND Security Cooperation Prioritization and Matching Tool, RAND (RR-393/1), 2013

Alan Vick, Adam Grissom, William Rosenau, Beth Grill, Karl Mueller, Air Power in the New Counterinsurgency Era: The Strategic Importance of USAF Advisory and Assistance Missions., RAND (MG-509), 2006

Honors & Awards

  • Journal Article of the Year (2013) for "Qualitative Comparative Analysis of 30 Insurgencies" with Christopher Paul and Colin Clarke, Military Operations and Research Society (MORS)