Beth Grill

Beth Grill
Senior Policy Researcher; Professor of Policy Analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Pittsburgh Office


M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies and Economics, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies; B.A. in international studies, Johns Hopkins University


Beth Grill is a senior policy researcher at RAND and a professor of policy analysis at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. Specializing in national security policy,her research focuses on security cooperation, partner nation assessment, special operations, global health engagement, and strategic planning. She has led a series of key research studies on security cooperation funding, metrics, and evaluation for the Department of the Air Force, the United States Navy, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, and the Combatant Commands. Grill is the author of over 70 RAND publications. Her most recent reports address topics relating to partner nation support for medical operations, Air Force contributions to security cooperation, Naval theater security cooperation in Africa, and Special Operations Forces in strategic competition. Grill has a Master's degree in Middle East studies and Economics from The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. She served as a Presidential Management Fellow and as a policy analyst at the US Department of Commerce, where she concentrated on export controls of chemical and biological weapons precursors.

Recent Projects

  • Global Health Engagement Funding
  • Enhancing Partner Support for Medical Operations in Denied Environments
  • Measuring Air Force Contributions to Security Cooperation
  • Potential Contribution of Partner Nations to Support Air Operations in Major Combat Operations in the Indo-Pacific
  • Overcoming Barriers to Collaborating with Allies and Partners

Selected Publications

Grill, Beth, Michael J. McNerney, Jeremy Boback, Renanah Miles Joyce, Cynthia C. Clapp-Wincek, and David E. Thaler, Follow the Money: Promoting Greater Transparency in Department of Defense Security Cooperation Reporting, RAND Corporation (RR-2039-OSD), 2017

Brad Martin, Beth Grill, and Nathan Vest, Naval Forces Africa Theater Security Cooperation: Approaches to Assessing Value in Global Power Competition , (RR-A1051-1,), 2022

Beth Grill, Christopher Paul, Michael Schwille, Karen M. Sudkamp, Jonathan Balk, Special Operations Forces in Strategic Competition: Overcoming Barriers in Authorities, Policies, and Processes for Non-Lethal Operations, Activities, and Investments , RAND (RR-A1463-1) (forthcoming)

David E. Thaler, Beth Grill, Jefferson P. Marquis, Jennifer D.P. Moroney, Christine Kistler LaCoste, Jonathan Welch, Emmi Yonekura, Jalen Zeman, Measuring Department of the Air Force Contributions to Security Cooperation: A Construct for Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation, RAND (RR-A598-1), 2022

Michael J. Mazarr, Nathan Beauchamp-Mustafaga, Jonah Blank, Sam Charap, Michael Chase, Beth Grill, et al, , Security Cooperation in a Strategic Competition, RAND (-RR-A650-1), 2022

Moroney, Jennifer D. P., Stephanie Pezard, David E. Thaler, Gene Germanovich, Beth Grill, Bruce McClintock, Karen Schwindt, Mary Kate Adgie, Anika Binnendijk, Kevin J. Connolly, Katie Feistel, Jeffrey W. Hornung, Alison K. Hottes, Moon Kim, Isabelle Nazha, Gabrielle Tarini, Mark Toukan, and Jalen Zeman, "Overcoming Barriers to Working with Highly Capable Allies and Partners in the Air, Space, and Cyber Domains: An Exploratory Analysis," The Strategist, 2023

Honors & Awards

  • Journal Article of the Year (2013) for "Qualitative Comparative Analysis of 30 Insurgencies" with Christopher Paul and Colin Clarke, Military Operations and Research Society (MORS)