Alyson Harding

Alyson Harding

Associate Policy Researcher


Alyson Harding is an associate policy researcher at RAND. Her primary research interests include the intersection of public health and disasters, as well as related topics such as climate change and preparedness. More broadly, her work examines how the environment impacts health, and includes work in environmental, occupational, and injury and violence epidemiology. She has worked on interdisciplinary projects related to walkability and the built environment, mental health of firefighters, impacts of climate change, community interventions to address adverse childhood experiences, and firearm violence.


Ph.D. in environmental health, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; M.P.H. in epidemiology, University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus; B.A. in chemistry, North Carolina State University at Raleigh; B.A. in anthropology, North Carolina State University at Raleigh

Selected Work

  • Finucane, Melissa L., Noreen Clancy, Andrew M. Parker, Jessica Welburn Paige, Karishma V. Patel, Devin Tierney, Michael T. Wilson, Peggy Wilcox, Tucker Reese, Jhacova Williams, Jordan R. Reimer, Thomas Goode, Sam Morales, and Alyson Harding, How Do We Know Whether Federal Disaster Programs Are Equitable? An Initial Methodology for Evaluating Social Equity Performance of the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities Mitigation Grant Program, RAND Corporation (RR-A2145-2), 2023
  • Harding AB, Ramirez MR, Ryan A, Xiong BN, Rosebush CE, Woods-Jaeger B., "Impacts of COVID-19 on stress in middle school teachers and staff in Minnesota: An exploratory study using random forest analysis," International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(17), 2023
  • DeMoulin D, Jacobs S, Nam YS, Harding AB, Moskowitz AF, Shi Y, Kim H., "Mental Health Among Firefighters: Understanding the Mental Health Risks, Treatment Barriers, and Coping Strategies," Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 64(11), 2022
  • Kim H, Ryan A, Harding AB, Moskowitz AF, Passe AI, Kawazu EC, "Health Risks of Climate Change in the 21 Pacific Island States and Noted Gaps in Scientific Evidence," The Journal of Climate Change and Health, 2022
  • Rosso AL, Harding AB, Clarke PJ, Studenski SA, Rosano C., "Associations of Neighborhood Walkability and Walking Behaviors by Cognitive Trajectory in Older Adults," The Gerontologist, 2021
  • Harding AB, Glynn NW, Studenski SA, Clarke PJ, Divecha AA, Ross AL., "Interrater Reliability of Historical Virtual Audits Using Archived Google Street View Imagery," Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 29(1), 2020

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