Maria C. Lytell

Maria C. Lytell
Senior Behavioral and Social Scientist


Ph.D. in industrial-organizational psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Maria Lytell is a senior behavioral scientist at RAND. Her work focuses on military personnel topics with recent examples including skills management in the U.S. Air Force, retention of racial and ethnic minority soldiers in the U.S. Army, and staffing requirements for select Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security workforces. She previously served as Associate Director of the Personnel, Training, and Health Program in the RAND Arroyo Center and as a member on The National Academies of Sciences' Committee on the Consideration of Generational Issues in Workforce Management and Employment Practices. Before coming to RAND, her research and consulting experiences focused on topics such as sexual harassment, workplace mistreatment, organizational climate, and personnel selection. She received her master's degree and Ph.D. in industrial-organizational psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Selected Publications

Lytell, Maria C., Michael L. Hansen, Avery Calkins, Matthew D. Baird, Nastassia Reed, Kristin J. Leuschner, and Clifford A. Grammich, Retention of Racial-Ethnic Minorities in the Regular Army, RAND Corporation (RR-A2011-1), 2023

Lytell, Maria C., Elicia M. John, Melissa Shostak, and Miriam Matthews, Talent Management and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Department of the Air Force: Qualitative Review of Programs, Practices, and Partnerships, RAND Corporation (RR-A988-5), 2023

Keller, Kirsten M., Maria C. Lytell, and Shreyas Bharadwaj, Personnel Needs for Department of the Air Force Digital Talent: A Case Study of Software Factories, RAND Corporation (RR-A550-1), 2022

Robson, Sean, Maria C. Lytell, Matthew Walsh, Kimberly Curry Hall, Kirsten M. Keller, Vikram Kilambi, Joshua Snoke, Jonathan W. Welburn, Patrick S. Roberts, Owen Hall, and Louis T. Mariano, U.S. Air Force Enlisted Classification and Reclassification: Potential Improvements Using Machine Learning and Optimization Models, RAND Corporation (RR-A284-1), 2022

Lytell, Maria C., Kimberly Curry Hall, and Nelson Lim, Improving U.S. Military Accession Medical Screening Systems, RAND Corporation (RR-2780-OSD), 2019

Lytell, Maria C., Sean Robson, David Schulker, Tracy C. Krueger, Miriam Matthews, Louis T. Mariano, and Albert A. Robbert, Training Success for U.S. Air Force Special Operations and Combat Support Specialties: An Analysis of Recruiting, Screening, and Development Processes, RAND Corporation (RR-2002-AF), 2018

Lytell, Maria C., Susan G. Straus, Chad C. Serena, Geoffrey E. Grimm, James L. Doty III, Jennie W. Wenger, Andrea M. Abler, Andrew M. Naber, Clifford A. Grammich, and Eric S. Fowler, Assessing Competencies and Proficiency of Army Intelligence Analysts Across the Career Life Cycle, RAND Corporation (RR-1851-A), 2017

Lytell, Maria C., Kenneth Kuhn, Abigail Haddad, Jefferson P. Marquis, Nelson Lim, Kimberly Curry Hall, Robert Stewart, and Jennie W. Wenger, Force Drawdowns and Demographic Diversity: Investigating the Impact of Force Reductions on the Demographic Diversity of the U.S. Military, RAND Corporation (RR-1008-OSD), 2015