Nipher Malika

Nipher Malika
Associate Policy Researcher
Santa Monica Office


PhD in social policy & social research, Loma Linda University; MPH in research epidemiology, Loma Linda University; BS in biology, Northwest Nazarene University


Nipher Malika is policy researcher at the RAND Corporation with extensive background in community-based participatory research among marginalized, minority and immigrant populations. Her research centers on closing the gap in health inequities through 1) understanding how various social determinants affect the health of individuals and communities; and 2) identifying solutions, in partnership with communities, to address a range of inequities.  She has methodological expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methodology and the synergistic utilization of both (mixed methods) with field data collection, analysis and interventions conducted primarily in the United States but also in parts of Africa, Asia and South America. Her recent work includes 1) assessing the accessibility and availability of mental health in New York City, 2) examining the role of social networks in HIV prevention in Uganda, and specific to this project 3) identifying the impact of social networks on risk and resilience among urban American Indian/Alaska Native emerging adults. Malika holds a Ph.D. in social policy and social research and MPH in epidemiology.

Selected Publications

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