Chronic Diseases and Conditions


Chronic diseases and conditions such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have long-lasting effects and costs and have prompted numerous health care reform efforts to target population health. RAND research on chronic diseases and conditions has examined the efficacy of workplace wellness programs, evaluated the effectiveness of the chronic care model, and made recommendations regarding the delivery of genomic medicine to those suffering from chronic disease.

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    Insomnia: The Multibillion-Dollar Problem Sapping World Productivity

    From the doctor's office to the office at work, good sleep is often overlooked as a key part of well-being. We pay for that. Chronic insomnia is associated with an average loss in workplace productivity of 45–54 days, resulting in estimated annual losses in GDP of more than $200 billion.

    Sep 8, 2023

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    Chronic Conditions in America: Price and Prevalence

    Sixty percent of U.S. adults have at least one chronic condition, and 12 percent have five or more. They account for hundreds of billions of dollars in health care spending every year.

    Jul 12, 2017

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