Sean Mann

Sean Mann

Senior Policy Analyst; Professor of Policy Analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School

Sean Mann is a senior policy analyst at RAND. Specializing in machine learning and mixed methods research, he has led quantitative research design and analysis for high profile defense and health studies, including congressionally-mandated global reviews of senior military personnel requirements and of the federally-funded health services research portfolio. His methodological expertise spans both quantitative and qualitative skills, including machine learning, natural language processing, remote sensing/GIS, and network analysis as well as systematic literature reviews, survey design, and semi-structured interviews. Mann holds a Master of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University with a concentration in International Relations and Security, as well as a B.A. in anthropology with a minor in earth sciences from Dartmouth College. His self-guided study of computer programming began at the age of ten and continues to this day.


B.A. in anthropology, Dartmouth College; M.S. in foreign service, Georgetown University

Selected Work

  • Sean Mann, Carl T. Berdahl, Lawrence Baker, Federico Girosi, "Artificial intelligence applications used in the clinical response to COVID-19: A scoping review," PLOS Digital Health, 2022
  • Sean Mann, Lawrence Baker, Federico Girosi, Osonde A. Osoba, Carl Berdahl, Strategies to Improve the Impact of AI on Health Equity, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, 2023
  • Eric Robinson & Sean Mann, "Investigating the Growth of Detention Facilities in Xinjiang Using Nighttime Lighting," Tearline, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, 2021
  • Concannon, Thomas W., Laura J. Faherty, Jaime Madrigano, Sean Mann, Ramya Chari, Sameer M. Siddiqi, Justin W. Lee, and Liisa Hiatt, Translational Impacts of World Trade Center Health Program Research: A Mixed Methods Study, RAND Corporation (RR-A390-1), 2021
  • Jackson, Kimberly, Katherine L. Kidder, Sean Mann, William H. Waggy II, Natasha Lander, and S. Rebecca Zimmerman, Raising the Flag: Implications of U.S. Military Approaches to General and Flag Officer Development, RAND Corporation (RR-4347-OSD), 2020
  • Watts, Stephen, Trevor Johnston, Matthew Lane, Sean Mann, Michael J. McNerney, and Andrew Brooks, Building Security in Africa: An Evaluation of U.S. Security Sector Assistance in Africa from the Cold War to the Present, RAND Corporation (RR-2447-OSD), 2018

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