Caitlin McCulloch

Associate Political Scientist
Washington Office


B.A. in government, Cornell University; B.A. in China and Asia-Pacific Studies, Cornell University; M.A. in government and politics, University of Maryland; Ph.D. in government and politics, University of Maryland-College Park


Caitlin McCulloch (she/her) is an associate political scientist at the RAND Corporation. Her primary research interests are alliance ties, security cooperation, misinformation/information warfare, Eastern Europe and the impact of environmental change on conflict. Prior to joining RAND, she was a Fulbright researcher (2016-2017) and Peace Corps Volunteer (2011-2013) in the Republic of Georgia. She received a Ph.D. in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland, College Park and a B.A. in China and Asia-Pacific Studies/Government from Cornell University. Her work at RAND has focused on security cooperation, information warfare, and climate change/conflict. She has published externally in outlets such as Research and Politics and Political Violence at a Glance, and has a book chapter in the Routledge Handbook on Self-Determination and Secession (2023).