Eric Peltz

Eric Peltz

Senior Vice President, Finance and Operations


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Eric Peltz is senior vice president of Finance and Operations at RAND. He oversees Corporate Planning and Analysis and enterprise-wide functions to include Finance (CFO organization), Human Resources, Information Technology and Data Science / Research Programming Services (CIO), Library Services, Security, Facilities, and Real Estate. He has wide ranging RAND experience as a researcher, in research management, and in the management of corporate services and operations. Through the course of his career at RAND, Peltz has served as vice president of Research Services and Operations with responsibility for several enterprise functions, as associate director of RAND's National Security Research Division (NSRD), and as director of the Army Research Division Logistics Program, NSRD's logistics research, the RAND Supply Chain Policy Center, and NSRD's International Security and Defense Policy Center. While serving in these research management roles, Peltz continued to conduct research and led a broad range of projects on military global responsiveness, supply chain and logistics management, and fleet management.

Prior to joining RAND, Peltz held management positions at Chrysler and served in the U.S. Army. He holds an M.S.E. in industrial and operations engineering and an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan, and a B.S.E. in systems engineering from the U.S. Military Academy.


M.B.A. and M.S.E. in industrial and operations engineering, University of Michigan; B.S.E. in systems engineering, United States Military Academy, West Point

Selected Work

  • Eric Peltz et al., Improving DLA Supply Chain Agility: Lead Times, Order Quantities, and Information Flow, RAND Corporation (RR-822), 2015
  • Eric Peltz et al., DoD Depot-Level Reparable Supply Chain Management: Process Effectiveness and Opportunities for Improvement, RAND Corporation (RR-398), 2014
  • Michael Lostumbo et al., Overseas Basing of U.S. Military Forces: an Assessment of Relative Costs and Strategic Benefits, RAND Corporation (RR-201), 2013
  • Eric Peltz and Marc Robbins with Geoffrey McGovern, Integrating the Department of Defense Supply Chain, RAND Corporation (TR-1274), 2012
  • Eric Peltz et al., Effectively Sustaining Forces Overseas While Minimizing Supply Chain Costs: Targeted Theater Inventory, RAND Corporation (DB-524), 2008
  • Eric Peltz and Marc Robbins, Leveraging Complementary Distribution Channels for an Effective, Efficient Global Supply Chain, RAND Corporation (DB-515), 2007
  • Peltz, Eric, Marc Robbins, Kenneth J. Girardini, Rick Eden, John Halliday, and Jeffrey Angers, Sustainment of Army Forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom: Major Findings and Recommendations, RAND Corporation (MG-342-A), 2005
  • Peltz, Eric, John Halliday, and Aimee Bower, Speed and Power: Toward an Expeditionary Army, RAND Corporation (MR-1755-A), 2003

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