Joel B. Predd

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Director, Acquisition and Technology Policy Center; Senior Engineer
Pittsburgh Office


Ph.D. in electrical engineering, Princeton University; B.S. in electrical engineering, Purdue University

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Joel B. Predd is a senior engineer at the RAND Corporation and director of the NSRD Acquisition and Technology Policy Center (ATP). As ATP Director, Predd oversees RAND's portfolio of force development,  technology and acquisition research for Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the Joint Staff, the Combatant Commands and international sponsors.

The substantive breadth of Predd's personal research includes topics of force development, acquisition and technology development, including recent projects on the long-term trends affecting U.S. power projection operations; concept options for multi-domain battle and land-based fires in power projection scenarios; naval shipbuilding and munitions industrial base; the benefits, costs, and risks of transferring PATRIOT, THAAD and TPY-2 between the Army between the Army and MDA; and implications of open architecture for developing, fielding and sustaining weapon systems.  

Predd spent fiscal year 2013 working in OSD (Policy) as a force development analyst, supporting Policy leadership in activities related to the 2014 Quadrennial Defense Review and the Strategic Choices Management Review.

Prior to joining RAND, Predd earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Princeton University on topics of machine learning, wireless networks, and probabilistic judgment aggregation. He has a B.S. in electrical engineering from Purdue University.

Recent Projects

  • Long-term trends affecting U.S. power projection operations
  • Concept Options for Multi-Domain Battle and Land-Based Fires in Power Projection Scenarios
  • Naval Shipbuilding and Munitions Industrial Base
  • The Benefits, Costs, and Risks of Transferring PATRIOT, THAAD and TPY-2 Between the Army and MDA
  • Implications of Open Architecture for Developing, Fielding and Sustaining Weapon Systems

Selected Publications

J. B. Predd, D. Osherson, S. R. Kulkarni and H. V. Poor, "Distributed Learning for Decentralized Inference in Wireless Sensor Networks," IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, Special Issue on Distributed Signal Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks, 2006

J. B. Predd, R. Seiringer, E. J. Lieb, D. Osherson, H. V. Poor, and S. R. Kulkarni, "Probabilistic Coherence and Proper Scoring Rules," IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 55(10), 2009

J. B. Predd, D. Osherson, S. R. Kulkarni and H. V. Poor, "Aggregating Forecasts of Chance from Incoherent and Abstaining Experts," Decision Analysis, 5(4), 2008

Honors & Awards

  • RAND Gold Medal (2017), RAND Corporation
  • RAND Silver Medal (2013, 2010), RAND Corporation
  • RAND Europe Fellow, RAND Corporation