Krista Romita Grocholski

Photo of Krista Romita Grocholski
Associate Physical Scientist
Washington Office


PhD in astronomy, University of Florida; M.S. in astronomy, University of Florida; B.A. in astronomy & physics, Vassar College


Krista Romita Grocholski is an associate physical scientist at the RAND Corporation and program manager for the NOAA Mid-Atlantic Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (MARISA) center.  The rest of Romita Grocholski's work at RAND has been focused on military readiness, emerging technologies, modeling, and data analysis.  Prior to joining RAND, she completed her PhD in observational astronomy at the University of Florida in August 2017. Her dissertation research focused on star cluster formation in varying astrophysical environments and trying to answer the question of whether star formation is a universal process.  Romita Grocholski received her M.S. in astronomy from the University of Florida and her B.A. in astronomy and physics from Vassar College.

Recent Projects

  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Consortium for Climate Assessment and Policy
  • Navy Implementation of Disruptive Technologies