Jessica L. Sousa

Photo of Jessica Sousa
Policy Analyst
Boston Office


M.S.W. in social work, Boston University; M.P.H. in health service management, Boston University; B.A. in psychology, University of Pennsylvania


Jessica Sousa is a policy analyst at the RAND Corporation. She has experience in research coordination, project management, and direct patient care. Since coming to RAND, Sousa has served as project manager on several complex projects culminating in reports shared by clients with Congress: one to evaluate telementoring activities designed to build the capacity of primary care providers in rural and underserved settings, and another to assess health services and primary care research to develop a strategic framework and plan for future federal investments. She has experience with quantitative and qualitative research methods, including recruiting for, and conducting, key informant interviews, focus groups, and process evaluations; and independently synthesizing quantitative and qualitative data for project reports, poster presentations, and research manuscripts. Sousa has managed numerous federally-funded contracts and grants, overseeing data management and quality assurance processes, subcontract negotiation, and multi-site project activities; monitoring project budgets and invoicing; tracking timelines and deliverables; and engaging in regular communication with clients. She is a licensed certified social worker in Massachusetts and has worked with adults with HIV/AIDS and serious mental illness, substance use disorder, and trauma. Her research interests include policies to address racial/ethnic disparities in health, interventions to target social determinants of health such as racism and poverty, and telehealth policy and implementation.

Sousa holds dual Master's degrees in clinical social work and health policy & management from Boston University and a Bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Selected Publications

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