Colby Steiner (he/him) is a physical scientist at RAND with a background in laser, quantum, and solid state physics. At RAND, his work has focused on technical, operational, and logistical issues for the U.S. Air Force and Space Force. Specific areas of research include command, control, and communications; intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance; electronic warfare; directed energy; space systems; and agile operational and logistical concepts.

Steiner received a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.S. in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. He previously worked at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and the Air Force Research Lab.


Ph.D. in physical chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; B.S. in chemistry, University of California, Berkeley

Selected Work

  • Snyder, Don, Kristin F. Lynch, Colby P. Steiner, John G. Drew, Myron Hura, Miriam E. Marlier, and Theo Milonopoulos, Command and Control of U.S. Air Force Combat Support in a High-End Fight, RAND Corporation (RR-A316-1), 2021
  • Shelton, William, Cynthia R. Cook, Charles Barton, Frank Camm, Kelly Elizabeth Eusebi, Diana Gehlhaus, Moon Kim, Yool Kim, Megan McKernan, Sydne J. Newberry, and Colby P. Steiner, A Clean Sheet Approach to Space Acquisition in Light of the New Space Force, RAND Corporation (RR-A541-1), 2021
  • Triezenberg, Bonnie L., Colby P. Steiner, Grant Johnson, Jonathan Cham, Éder M. Sousa, Moon Kim, and Mary Kate Adgie, Assessing the Impact of U.S. Air Force National Security Space Launch Acquisition Decisions: An Independent Analysis of the Global Heavy Lift Launch Market, RAND Corporation (RR-4251-AF), 2020
  • Snyder, Don, Lauren A. Mayer, Myron Hura, Suzanne Genc, Colby P. Steiner, Laura Werber, Kathryn O'Connor, Keith Gierlack, Paul Dreyer, and Bernard Fox, Managing for Mission Assurance in the Face of Advanced Cyber Threats, RAND Corporation (RR-4198-AF), 2021
  • Knopman, Debra, Don Snyder, Irv Blickstein, David E. Thaler, James A. Leftwich, Colby P. Steiner, Quentin E. Hodgson, Elaine Simmons, Krista Romita Grocholski, and Yvonne K. Crane, Proposed Analytical Products for the Air Force Warfighting Integration Capability: Developing and Presenting Options for Future Force Design and Capability Development, RAND Corporation (RR-4199-AF), 2020

Authored by Colby P. Steiner

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