Lisa Wagner

Lisa Wagner
Senior Policy Analyst


M.A. in psychology, American University; M.S. in justice, law, and society, American University


Lisa Wagner (she/her) is a senior policy analyst at the RAND Corporation. She manages the American Educator Panel and the American Life Panel. She specializes in developing and conducting evaluations and managing large, complex projects.  Wagner also specializes in the use of large and complex data sets, with a focus on domestic violence, sexual assault, and HIV. Her work at RAND has focused on HIV/HCV co-infection, sexual assault and climate in the Air Force, HIV and homelessness, the use of predictive models in law enforcement and detention, and the technology needs of small, rural, tribal, and border criminal justice agencies. Wagner received both her M.S. in justice, law, and society and her M.A. in psychology from American University.  Wagner completed her undergraduate work at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Selected Publications

Abbott, M., McBain, R.K., Wagner, L., and Liu, H. H., "Cost evaluation of integrating local HIV and housing data to facilitate service coordination in four demonstration sites," AIDS Care (2021), 2021

Bogart, L.M., Towe, V.L., Storholm, E.D, Wagner, L., Weir, R., Woody, S., Robilotto, S., "Associations of HCV knowledge and medical mistrust with being screened for HCV and offered HCV treatment among people with HIV," Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 32(2), 2021

Towe, Vivian L.; Bogart, Laura M.; McBain, Ryan K.; Wagner, Lisa.; Stevens, Clare.; Fischer, Shira H.; MacCarthy, Sarah., "Mixed-methods study of integration of housing and medical data systems for enhanced service coordination of people with HIV," International Journal of Care Coordination, 23(Issue 1), 2020

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Hollywood, John S., Dulani Woods, Sean E. Goodison, Andrew Lauland, Lisa Wagner, Thomas J. Wilson, and Brian A. Jackson, Fostering Innovation in U.S. Law Enforcement: Identifying High-Priority Technology and Other Needs for Improving Law Enforcement Operations and Outcomes, RAND Corporation (RR-1814-NIJ), 2017

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Brian A. Jackson; Vivian Lau Towe; Lisa Wagner; Priscillia Hunt; Sarah Greathouse; John S. Hollywood, "Managing Officer Behavioural Risk Using Early Intervention Systems: Addressing System Design Challenges for Law Enforcement and Corrections Environments," Policing, 11(1), 2016

Liu, Harry H., Joshua Breslau, Stephanie Rennane, Lisa Wagner, Annie Chen, Gabriela Alvarado, Ingrid Estrada-Darley, and Andrew W. Dick, Independent Evaluation of the New York State 1115 Waiver Amendment: The Children's Design: Interim Findings, RAND Corporation (RR-A782-1), 2021