Sarah Weilant

Photo of Sarah Weilant
Senior Policy Analyst
Washington Office


M.P.P. in public policy, American University


Sarah Weilant is a senior policy analyst at the RAND Corporation. Her research addresses populations in need in communities and organizations through analysis of health, infrastructure and environment, resilience, education, workforce development and national security issues using mixed-methods analysis. Weilant engages with strategic decisionmakers, designs analytic frameworks, facilitates workshops, and provides project leadership and management. She conducts primary data collection in the United States, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Bringing her multidisciplinary background to her research, prior to RAND, she worked with the Peace Corps as an agriculture extension agent in Senegal, followed by work with the International Rescue Committee in refugee resettlement. Weilant holds a Master's degree in public policy from American University's School of Public Affairs, and a B.A. in French from Michigan State University.

Selected Publications

Weilant, Sarah, Aaron Strong, and Benjamin M. Miller, Incorporating Resilience into Transportation Planning and Assessment, RAND (RR-3038-TRB), 2019

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Bond, Craig A., Aaron Strong, Nicholas Burger and Sarah Weilant, Guide to the Resilience Dividend Valuation Model, RAND Corporation (RR-2130), 2017

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Sarah Weilant, Collaborative Disaster Preparedness: Vietnam, the United States, and Regional Experiences (Proceedings from Da Nang, Vietnam, August 18–20, 2015), RAND Corporation (CF-337), 2016

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