Emmi Yonekura

Photo of Emmi Yonekura
Physical Scientist
Off Site Office


B.S. in applied mathematics, Columbia University; Ph.D. in atmospheric science, Columbia University


Emmi Yonekura (she/her) is a research scientist in the Engineering and Applied Sciences Department at the RAND Corporation. Her recent research includes leading an effort to assess the geopolitical risks of climate geoengineering, conducting an overview of space capabilities in the commercial sector, examining Air Force and Space Force readiness, and cost validation for public buildings in the Puerto Rico recovery.

Yonekura received her Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from Columbia University with a research focus on risk analysis using climate-dependent statistical models of tropical cyclones. She did her postdoctoral research at Princeton University.

Recent Projects

  • Managing the Legal and Geopolitical Risks of Geoengineering
  • Space Force Readiness
  • Strategies for Leveraging Commercial Space Capabilities