Strategy, Doctrine, and Resources

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The Strategy, Doctrine, and Resources Program (SD&R) conducts research to help the Army understand the emerging strategic context, identify and adjust external demands, and optimize the use of its resources. Employing objective, high-quality expertise developed over many years of focused, sustained research, the program provides both long-term and quick-response support on issues of critical importance to the Army.

Sponsors of Strategy, Doctrine, and Resources Program Research

Army senior leaders sponsor the research conducted in SD&R. Before accepting funding for any new study, we work closely with the sponsor and their staff to ensure it focuses on a major policy concern and that its tasks are carefully scoped to allow objective, analytic research in a timely manner.

The Army Deputy Chiefs of Staff, G-2, G-3/5/7, G-8; U.S. Army European Command; U.S. Army Pacific Command; U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command; U.S. Army Futures Command; and the U.S. Army Special Operations Command are among the most frequent sponsors of SD&R studies. The program supports senior leaders from across the Army, however, and provides objective research and analysis for Army leadership with pressing issues in our research streams.

Strategy, Doctrine, and Resources Program Leadership

Research Streams

The Strategy, Doctrine, and Resources Program sustains research streams in seven major policy domains, below.

For more about a particular research stream, contact:

Molly Dunigan, Director
(412) 683-2300, x4292,