The RAND Institute for Civil Justice: 40 Years

Since 1979, the RAND Institute for Civil Justice has been dedicated to making the civil justice system more efficient and more equitable by supplying government, private decisionmakers, and the public with the results of objective, empirically-based, analytic research.

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  • RAND Institute for Civil Justice

    The RAND Institute for Civil Justice (ICJ), a part of the Justice Policy program, conducts research on all aspects of civil justice, from trends in litigation and jury verdicts to punitive damages, compensation systems, and alternative dispute resolution.

    Nov 2, 2023

  • The RAND Institute for Civil Justice: 40th Anniversary Reflections

    The RAND Institute for Civil Justice (ICJ) has supplied government and private decisionmakers and the public with the results of objective, empirically based, analytic research. In this era of Truth Decay, the diminishing role of facts and analysis in public life, the ICJ's mission and research have never been more important.

    Nov 6, 2019

    Michael D. Rich

  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Early Assistance After Disasters

    After human-made disasters, early assistance from potentially responsible parties can sometimes fill gaps that are not always addressed by NGOs and first responders. But is providing such assistance a good strategy in terms of reducing future litigation or improving public opinion?

    Nov 14, 2019

    Nicholas M. Pace, Lloyd Dixon

  • Who's Responsible When Your Car Gets Hacked?

    Cars are becoming "fast, heavy artificial intelligences on wheels," a RAND report cautions, and that means they're becoming vulnerable. Potentially billions of dollars ride on the question of who has the legal responsibility to keep hackers from grabbing the wheel or cutting the brakes.

    Oct 23, 2019

  • Content Analysis of Cyber Insurance Policies: How Do Carriers Price Cyber Risk?

    The market for insuring against data breach losses has grown rapidly in the past decade, but little is known about how insurers price cyber risk. An analysis of cyber insurance policies filed with state insurance commissioners provides important information about how carriers understand and price cyber risks.

    Apr 30, 2019

    Sasha Romanosky, Lillian Ablon, et al.