COVID-19 Brings Opportunity to Reassess Work Policies


Aug 11, 2020

Young Black woman working on a computer at home with her dog on her lap, photo by filadendron/Getty Images

Photo by filadendron/Getty Images

This commentary originally appeared on Employee Benefits on August 11, 2020.

The COVID-19 crisis has forced many people to change the way they work, with a huge increase in the numbers working from home. As certain restrictions lift, and life for some begins to return to a “new normal,” employers may have the opportunity to rebuild work policies to better support those employees who want to continue working from home. This could produce well-being benefits for employees, without compromising on, and often increasing, productivity.…

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William Phillips is an analyst working in home affairs and social policy research, and Michael Whitmore is a research leader in health and work wellbeing, at RAND Europe