Publication Contact Information

A dedicated team of professionals is available to help you gain access to RAND publications.

Get information on requesting:

Review Copies

Requests for book review copies by established publications should be directed to:

Customer Service
1776 Main St.
P.O. Box 2138
Santa Monica, CA 90407-2138
Phone: 310-393-0411, ext. 7167
Fax: 310-451-7026

Examination Copies

Requests for examination copies by college and university instructors will be honored if submitted in writing on the institution's letterhead or by email using an educational institution email address with a link to an institutional web page that verifies instructor credentials. Exam copies are $5 each for shipping/handling and must be prepaid via check, visa, mastercard, or american express. Copies will only be shipped to a college or university address.

Alternatively, download a free PDF to consider for course use.

Requests must contain the following information:

  • Text(s) for adoption
  • Name of institution
  • Name of class
  • Expected enrollment
  • Name of previous text used
  • Date of first semester in which document will be used

Desk Copies

Desk copies are available at no charge with evidence of an order placed with a bookstore, and the name of the course for which it will be used.

Submit Exam and Desk Copy requests to:

Publications Orders
1776 Main Street
PO Box 2138
Santa Monica, CA 90407-2138
Phone toll free: (877) 584-8642
(310) 451-7002 outside the U.S.
Fax: (412) 802-4981

Foreign Language Rights

As part of RAND's mission to disseminate its research findings to a global audience, RAND negotiates the translation of its books and reports under contract to international institutions and publishers. For more information, please contact Fadia Afashe.