Strengthening Societal Resilience

RAND Europe's Office Launch in the Netherlands

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Event Details

We regret to inform you that our upcoming event has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. We are currently finalising the details and will provide further information soon. Please keep an eye on your inbox for updates, including the specific date and further logistical details.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.


Recent events, such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, have underscored the pressing need for nations to enhance their societal resilience against military threats. The concept of societal resilience has gained significant traction, prompting discussions on proactive measures to safeguard our communities in times of crisis.

In a new publication, RAND Europe delves into the intricacies of societal resilience for the national security of the Netherlands, drawing insights from international experiences. The report reflects on lessons learned from countries like Sweden, which have adopted comprehensive approaches such as the "Total Defence Concept" to fortify their societal fabric against potential conflicts.

A panel of distinguished speakers will discuss the lessons for the Netherlands. Together, they will explore:

  • How can the Netherlands strengthen societal resilience in the face of escalating military threats at Europe's borders?
  • In what ways can public organizations, companies, and citizens collaborate to prepare for these challenges?
  • Which legal changes are needed to improve societal resilience?
  • How can insights from international experiences inform and guide efforts to improve societal resilience against threats to national security?

Following the panel discussion, there will be a celebratory drinks reception, where guests will network with industry peers, exchange ideas, and toast to the establishment of RAND's office in the Netherlands.


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