Biological Weapons and Warfare


The threat of biological weapons and warfare poses particular challenges to government officials charged with devising immediate and longer-term emergency response plans. RAND has developed exercises to train public health agencies to respond to bioterrorism; examined the longer-term psychological consequences of bioterrorism; and created guidelines to improve individual preparedness for chemical, radiological, nuclear, and biological attacks.

  • Report

    Attributing Biological Weapons Use

    Why is attribution of biological weapons use so important? And how can the U.S. Department of Defense better support investigations into deliberate biological incidents?

    Feb 6, 2024

  • Article

    Red-Teaming the Risks of Using AI in Biological Attacks

    A RAND experiment brought together several dozen researchers to role-play bad guys planning a biological attack. Some had access to large language models while others only had access to the internet. A panel of experts graded each team's plan on whether or not it could be viable.

    Mar 25, 2024

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