Lucy Hocking

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M.Sc. in child public health, Swansea University; B.Sc. in biomedical science, University of Reading


Lucy Hocking is an analyst working in the areas of innovation, health and science at RAND Europe. She primarily works on health and healthcare systems projects with an interest in healthcare improvement, health innovation and public health. Projects related to these subjects have been commissioned by a range of clients, including the UK Department of Health and Social Care, ECDC, the European Commission and The Health Foundation.

Hocking has also worked on projects in other subject areas, including technological innovation, research impact and early year’s education.
Through these projects, she has experienced a range of methodologies and research approaches, including interviews, focus groups, workshops and literature reviews.

She has also worked on projects in other subject areas, including innovation, research impact and early years education.

Hocking completed her master's degree in child public health from Swansea University and her undergraduate degree in biomedical science from the University of Reading.

Recent Projects

  • Teaching, pedagogy and practice in early years childcare.
  • Health Innovation in the UK
  • Benchmarking Deployment of eHealth among General Practitioners
  • Evaluation of the Q Initiative
  • Secondary use of health data by the pharmaceutical industry

Selected Publications

Megan Sim, Julie Bélanger, Lucy Hocking, Sashka Dimova, Eleftheria Iakovidou, Barbara Janta and William Teager, Teaching, pedagogy and practice in early years childcare: An evidence review, Early Intervention Foundation, 2018


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