Kirsten M. Keller

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Senior Behavioral Scientist
Santa Monica Office


Ph.D. in industrial/organizational psychology, University of Maryland; M.A. in industrial/organizational psychology, University of Maryland; B.A. in psychology, Franklin and Marshall College

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Kirsten Keller is a senior behavioral scientist at the RAND Corporation. Keller's research focuses on personnel management and improving organizational effectiveness.

Recent projects include examining ways to improve the diversity of senior military leaders, recruiting and development of the federal civilian workforce, effective prevention and response to hazing in the U.S. Armed Forces, the effectiveness of the enlisted Air Force promotion system, military outreach and recruiting efforts, and how to develop ethical organizational cultures. Other past research topics include the influence of organizational climate and culture on behaviors and attitudes, personnel selection, performance management, and the relationship between organizational structure and effectiveness. Keller holds a Ph.D. in industrial/organizational psychology from the University of Maryland.

Selected Publications

Keller, K. M., Lytell, M. C. Schulker, D., Hall, K. C., Mariano, L. T., Crown, J., Matthews, M., Crosby, B., Saum-Manning, L., Yeung, D., Payne, L. Knutson, F., & Caudill, L. , Advancement and Retention Barriers in the U.S. Air Force Civilian White Collar Workforce: Implications for Demographic Diversity, RAND Corporation (RR-2643-AF)

Lim, N., Hall, K. C., Keller, K. M., Schulker, D., Mariano, L. T., Matthews, M., Saum-Manning, L., Hill, D., Crosby, B., Payne, L. A., Cottrell, L., & Aranibar, C. A., , Improving the Representation of Women and Racial/Ethnic Minorities Among U.S. Coast Guard Active-Duty Members. , RAND Corporation (RR-A362-2)

Keller, K. M., Hall, K. C., Mathews, M., Payne, L., Suam-Manning, L., Yeung, D., Schulker, D., Zavislan, S., & Lim, N. , Addressing Barriers to Female Officer Retention in the Air Force, RAND Corporation (RR-2073-AF)

Hall, K. C., Keller, K. M., Schulker, D., Weilant, S., Kidder, K. L., & Lim, N., Improving Gender Diversity in the U.S. Coast Guard: Identifying Barriers to Female Retention. , RAND Corporation (RR-2770-DHS)

Keller, K. M., Matthews, M., Hall, K. C., Marcellino, W., Mauro, J. A., & Lim, N., Hazing in the U.S. Armed Forces: Recommendations for Hazing Prevention Policy and Practice. , RAND Corporation (RR-941-OSD)

Honors & Awards

  • Gold Merit Research Award, 2020, Rand Corporation
  • Gold Merit Research Award, 2014, Rand Corporation
  • RAND Project AIR FORCE Researcher Excellence Award , 2012, RAND Corporation