James V. Marrone

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Associate Economist
Washington Office


PhD in economics, University of Chicago; MSc in economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra; BS in mathematics, University of Chicago; BA in physics, University of Chicago


Jim Marrone is an associate economist at RAND Corporation. He is an applied microeconomist focusing primarily on the way institutions and government programs impact marginalized populations and at-risk material culture. His work is both theoretical and empirical, using statistical techniques in novel ways to develop better measurements of empirically important outcomes. Recent examples include the use of remote survey methods to study media programs' impact on support for extremism in developing countries, and the application of machine-learning methods to assess at-risk cultural heritage in disaster and conflict zones. Other labor economics projects include analyses of the link between migration and disability insurance, the factors influencing military attrition, the role of language skills in determining immigrants' wages, and the relationship between household financial stability and early-stage dementia. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.

Selected Publications

Silvia Beltrametti and James V. Marrone, "Market Responses to Court Rulings: Evidence from Antiquities Auctions," Journal of Law and Economics, 59(4), 2016

James V. Marrone, "Quantifying the supply chain for Near Eastern Antiquities in times of war and conflict," Journal of Cultural Heritage, 33, 2018

Michael B. Gordy and James Marrone, "Granularity Adjustment for Mark-to-Market Credit Risk Models," Journal of Banking and Finance, 36(7), 2012

Tim Bollerslev, James Marrone, Lai Xu, and Hao Zhou, "Stock Return Predictability and Variance Risk Premia: Statistical Inference and International Evidence," Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 49(3), 2014