James V. Marrone

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PhD in economics, University of Chicago; MSc in economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra; BS in mathematics, University of Chicago; BA in physics, University of Chicago


Jim Marrone (he/him) is an associate economist at RAND Corporation. He studies how institutions and government programs impact individual and community wellbeing. Major topical focuses are: military families and young servicemembers; counter-extremism and disinformation; and cultural heritage in disaster and conflict zones. His work is both theoretical and empirical, using mixed methods to conduct causal inference on topics for which data is difficult to obtain. Recent examples include quasi-experimental analyses of military attrition, the use of remote survey methods to study how media interventions can counter disinformation and extremism, and the development of scalable methods to assess damage to historic and archaeological sites. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.

Selected Publications

Marrone, James V., S. Rebecca Zimmerman, Louay Constant, Marek N. Posard, Katherine L. Kidder, Christina Panis, and Rebecca Jensen, Organizational and Cultural Causes of Army First-Term Attrition, RAND Corporation (RR-A666-1), 2021

Helmus, Todd C., James V. Marrone, Marek N. Posard, and Danielle Schlang, Russian Propaganda Hits Its Mark: Experimentally Testing the Impact of Russian Propaganda and Counter-Interventions, RAND Corporation (RR-A704-3), 2020

Marrone, James V., Todd C. Helmus, Elizabeth Bodine-Baron, and Christopher Santucci, Countering Violent Extremism in Nigeria: Using a Text-Message Survey to Assess Radio Programs, RAND Corporation (RR-4257-DOS), 2020

Marrone, James V., Predicting 36-Month Attrition in the U.S. Military: A Comparison Across Service Branches, RAND Corporation (RR-4258-OSD), 2020

Silvia Beltrametti and James V. Marrone, "Market Responses to Court Rulings: Evidence from Antiquities Auctions," Journal of Law and Economics, 59(4), 2016

Resetar, Susan A., James V. Marrone, Joshua Mendelsohn, Amy Schwartzman, and David M. Adamson, Cultural and Historical Resources Recovery Planning in Puerto Rico: Natural and Cultural Resources Sector Report, Volume II, RAND Corporation (RR-2859-DHS), 2020

Fiona Greenland, James V. Marrone, Oya Topcuoglu, Tasha Vorderstrasse, "A Site-Level Market Model of the Antiquities Trade," International Journal of Cultural Property, 26(1), 2019

Carole Roan Gresenz, Jean M. Mitchell, James V. Marrone, Howard J. Federoff, "Effect of Early-Stage Alzheimer's Disease on Household Financial Outcomes," Health Economics, 29(1), 2020