James Merewood

Cambridge Office


Ph.D. in economics, University of East Anglia; M.Sc. in economics and finance, University of East Anglia; B.A. in politics, philosophy and economics, University of East Anglia


James Merewood is an analyst and economist at RAND Europe. He has experience using mixed-method approaches to programme evaluation, in particular with using QED and RCT methods to analyse large-scale education policies in the UK, Eastern Europe, and Pakistan.

James’ recent projects have included an RCT scoping exercise to examine the impact of improved adult maths education on attainment, an impact and economic evaluation of the indirect costs of hate crime to victims and the wider society, and a QED analysis of a nationwide initiative to improve the selection of head teachers by introducing merit-based selection.

Prior to joining RAND Europe, James completed his Ph.D. in behavioural and experimental economics at the University of East Anglia, focusing on education administrative policy.