Isaac M. Opper

Photo of Isaac Opper
Associate Economist; Affiliate Faculty, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Santa Monica Office


Ph.D. in economics, Stanford University; M.A. in economics, Stanford University; B.A. in economics and mathematics, Colby College


Isaac M. Opper is an associate economist at the RAND Corporation who focuses primarily on the economics of education, although he has also conducted research on topics in health economics and personnel economics. Much of his research focuses on the measurement of teacher quality, including an exploration of how changes in teacher tenure policy affect teachers' incentives; a study of how teachers rate themselves relative to their principals; and a paper published in the American Economic Review which shows that the positive impact that teachers have on their students spills over to affect their students’ future peers. He is also a member of the Pardee RAND Graduate School faculty, where he teaches both the introductory course on econometrics and co-teaches a course on the economics of education. He graduated with a Ph.D. in economics from Stanford University in 2016.

Selected Publications

Isaac M. Opepr, "Does Helping John Help Sue? Evidence of Spillovers in Education," American Economic Review, 109(3), 2019