Jessie Riposo

Photo of Jessie Riposo
Director, Recovery Cost Analysis Program, Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center (HSOAC); Senior Operations Researcher
Washington Office


M.S. in operations research and statistics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; B.S. in economics and mathematics, University at Albany


Jessie Riposo is a senior operations researcher at the RAND Corporation. She is currently serving as director for Recovery Cost Analysis within the Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center (HSOAC). In this role she is focused on developing and maintaining the capabilities required to support cost validation activities in the Carribean for FEMA public assistance projects.  Prior to her current assignment, Riposo was the associate program director for the Acquisition and Development Program within HSOAC. In her sixteen years at RAND, she has led a number of studies for the Department of the Navy and the Office of the Secretery of Defense. Her research is focused on resource allocation decisions.