Chandler Sachs

Photo of Chandler Sachs
Research Assistant
Washington Office


B.S. in interdisciplinary studies, Cornell University


Chandler Sachs is a research assistant in the RAND Corporation’s Washington office. At RAND, his research focuses on national security, emerging technologies, and economics. Before RAND, Sachs interned with the Department of State’s Bureau of Energy Resources where he focused on the role of oil and gas in Russian foreign policy. He graduated from Cornell University in 2018, where he was a Meinig Scholar. 


  • Mi-17 helicopters fly in formation during military exercises at the firing ground Koktal in Almaty Region, Kazakhstan, May 3, 2019, photo  by Pavel Mikheyev/Reuters

    Are Military Purchases in SE Asia for Political Balancing a Good Use of National Defense Resources?

    The Philippines has embarked upon a multi-phase, multi-year modernization of its armed forces, but some of the acquisition decisions appear to be driven by political symbolism rather than responsible military decisions. Using military procurement for political symbolism and paying a high price for it takes resources away from other pressing national security and domestic needs.

    May 7, 2020 Asian Military Review