Jon Schmid

Jon Schmid
Political Scientist


Ph.D. in science, technology and international affairs, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech); M.S. in finance, George Washington University; B.A. in economics, American University; B.A. in international affairs, American University


Jon Schmid is a political scientist at the RAND Corporation. He specializes in the measurement and assessment of technological innovation and scientific progress, with a particular focus on emerging and military technologies.

Schmid's current research focuses on defense innovation, defense acquisition, and the defense industrial base. Journals in which his research has been published include International Studies Quarterly, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Science and Public Policy, Defense and Peace Economics, Journal of Contemporary China, Development in Practice, and Review of Policy Research.

He received his Ph.D. in International Affairs, Science, and Technology from Georgia Tech where his dissertation focused on the determinants of military technology innovation and diffusion.

Selected Publications

Jon Schmid and Seokbeom Kwon, "Collaboration in innovation: An empirical test of Varieties of Capitalism," Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2020

Jon Schmid and Ayodeji Fajebe, "Variation in patent impact by organization type: An investigation of government, university, and corporate patents," Science and Public Policy, 2019

Jon Schmid, "The diffusion of military technology," Defence and Peace Economics, 2018

Jon Schmid and Fei-Ling Wang, "Beyond National Innovation Systems: Incentives and China’s Innovation Performance," Journal of Contemporary China, 26(104), 2017

Jon Schmid and Jonathan Huang, "State Adoption of Transformative Technology: Early Railroad Adoption in China and Japan," International Studies Quarterly, 61(3), 2017

Jon Schmid, Matthew Brummer, and Mark Zachary Taylor, "Innovation and alliances," Review of Policy Research, 34(5), 2017

Schmid, Jon, An Open-Source Method for Assessing National Scientific and Technological Standing: With Applications to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, RAND Corporation (RR-A1482-3), 2021

Schmid, Jon, Bonnie L. Triezenberg, James Dimarogonas, and Samuel Absher, The Role of Standards in Fostering Capability Evolution: Does Design Matter? Insights from Interoperability Standards, RAND Corporation (RR-A1576-1), 2022


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