Shane Tierney

Shane Tierney
Technical Analyst
Pittsburgh Office


M.S. in aerospace engineering, Penn State University; B.S. in aerospace engineering, Penn State University


Shane Tierney is a technical analyst at the RAND Corporation. He has worked with the RAND Arroyo Center, RAND National Defense Research Institute, RAND Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center and RAND Project Air Force on a range of governmental and defense-related projects in such areas as force modernization, force structure analysis, industrial base analysis and data management.

Tierney received his BS and MS degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Penn State University. His research while there was focused on autonomous rotorcraft control systems.

Recent Projects

  • Balancing Readiness and Modernization
  • Evaluating Alternative Maintenance Force Structure Concepts for the F-35A
  • Adversary UAS Capabilities
  • Land-Based Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
  • Operational Support Aircraft Fleet Validation Support

Selected Publications

James Dimarogonas, Jasmin Leveille, Jan Osburg, Shane Tierney, Bonnie L. Triezenberg, Graham Andrews, Bryce Downing, Muharrem Mane, Monica Rico, Universal Command and Control Language early system engineering study : performance effects of a universal command and control standard, RAND (RR-A744-1), 2021

Wirth, Anna Jean, Thomas Light, Daniel M. Romano, Shane Tierney, Ronald G. McGarvey, Moon Kim, Michael J. Lostumbo, Amanda Nguyen, Paul Emslie, and John G. Drew, Evaluating Alternative Maintenance Manpower Force Structure Concepts for the F-35A, RAND Corporation (RR-4433-AF), 2020

Wilson, Bradley, Shane Tierney, Brendan Toland, Rachel M. Burns, Colby P. Steiner, Christopher Scott Adams, Michael Nixon, Raza Khan, Michelle D. Ziegler, Jan Osburg, and Ike Chang, Small Unmanned Aerial System Adversary Capabilities, RAND Corporation (RR-3023-DHS), 2020

Best, Katharina Ley, Jon Schmid, Shane Tierney, Jalal Awan, Nahom M. Beyene, Maynard A. Holliday, Raza Khan, and Karen Lee, How to Analyze the Cyber Threat from Drones: Background, Analysis Frameworks, and Analysis Tools, RAND Corporation (RR-2972-RC), 2020

Bradley Wilson, Jessie Riposo, Thomas Goughnour, Mel Eisman, Angelena Bohman, Shane Tierney, Rachel M. Burns, Naval Operational Supply System : analysis of alternatives, RAND (RR-2403/1-NAVY), 2018

Muharrem Mane, Shane Tierney, Sean Critelli, Anthony D. Rosello, Validating the FY 2016 OSA Fleet, RAND (RR-1368/1-OSD), 2017

Gary McLeod, Isaac R. Porche III, Brendan Toland, Shane Tierney, Roger Lough, Myron Hura, Elliot Axelband, Amado Cordova, Mel Eisman, Thomas Goughnour, Katheryn Giglio, Analytic support to the next-generation Royal Australian Air Force Joint Air Battle Management System, RAND, 2017

Honors & Awards

  • Impact Award, RAND NSRD
  • Impact Award, RAND PAF