Bradley Wilson is a senior information scientist at RAND with experience in government acquisition and applications of modeling & simulation to solve policy challenges. His research areas include uncrewed/unmanned systems, software acquisition and engineering, information architectures, networks, cybersecurity, biometrics, and natural disaster reconstruction cost estimation.


M.S. in software engineering, Carnegie Mellon University; B.S. in information technology, University of Maryland

Selected Work

  • Wilson, Bradley, Ellen M. Pint, Elizabeth Hastings Roer, Emily Ellinger, Fabian Villalobos, Mark Stalczynski, Jonathan L. Brosmer, Annie Brothers, and Elliott Grant, Characterizing the Uncrewed Systems Industrial Base, RAND Corporation (RR-A1474-1), 2023
  • Wilson, Bradley, Thomas Goughnour, Megan McKernan, Andrew Karode, Devin Tierney, Mark V. Arena, Michael J. D. Vermeer, Hansell Perez, and Alexis Levedahl, A Cost Estimating Framework for U.S. Marine Corps Joint Cyber Weapons, RAND Corporation (RR-A1124-1), 2023
  • Wilson, Bradley, Shane Tierney, Brendan Toland, Rachel M. Burns, Colby P. Steiner, Christopher Scott Adams, Michael Nixon, Raza Khan, Michelle D. Ziegler, Jan Osburg, and Ike Chang, Small Unmanned Aerial System Adversary Capabilities, RAND Corporation (RR-3023-DHS), 2020
  • Bradley Wilson, Jessie Riposo, Thomas Goughnour, Rachel M. Burns, Michael J. D. Vermeer, Ajay K. Kochhar, Angelena Bohman, Mel Eisman, Naval Aviation Maintenance System (RR-2974/1-Navy)
  • Wilson, Bradley, Interfacing Force-on-Force and Communications Models: MANA and JNE, RAND Corporation (TL-201-A), 2017

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