RAND Ventures: Philanthropic Investments in Policy Solutions

The RAND Corporation is a research organization that develops solutions to public policy challenges to help make communities throughout the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous. RAND is nonprofit, nonpartisan, and committed to the public interest.

RAND Ventures is a vehicle for investing in policy solutions. Philanthropic contributions support our ability to take the long view, tackle tough and often-controversial topics, and share our findings in innovative and compelling ways.


Research Projects made possible by philanthropic contributions and earnings from RAND’s endowment and operations support innovative research on issues that are crucial to the policy debate but that reach beyond the boundaries of traditional client funding. Recent projects include:

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Special Initiatives funded by philanthropy help drive critical research in the public interest. Recent projects include:

Foundations play an important role in advancing RAND's research agenda. Projects include:

Lectureships established by donors bring leading thinkers to RAND. Lectureships include:

Haskins Lecture on Science Policy

The Haskins Lecture on Science Policy was established through the generosity of Caryl P. and Edna Haskins, founders of Haskins Laboratories. The Haskinses were dedicated to improving the nation's understanding of the relationship between scientific progress and sound public policy. Caryl Haskins was a member of the RAND Board of Trustees for 20 years and served as an advisory trustee and member of the President's Council. The lectureship was established in 1995.

Haskins Laureates

Albert P. Williams Lecture on Health Policy

Al Williams (1935–2000) was a distinguished researcher and leader of RAND Health. Over a long career, he demonstrated the objectivity, rigor, and dedication to the public good that are central values of RAND. He helped make RAND Health the world's foremost source of research and analysis on how health services are used, delivered, and financed. The Albert P. Williams Memorial Health Lecture Series was established through the generosity of Williams' friends and former colleagues to commemorate his legacy. Today, the Williams Lecture provides a forum for leading voices in health policy to share cutting-edge ideas and insights, giving ongoing life to Williams's commitment to improving health and health care for all of us.

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Researcher Spotlights

Here's a look at how two RAND researchers are making a positive impact on the world because of generous donor support.

David Knapp

David Knapp is an associate economist at RAND whose research focuses on worker recruitment, retention, and retirement and their effects on households, employers, and workers. He recently analyzed the relationship between compensation, including retirement benefits, and retention over the length of the careers of public school teachers in Chicago.

Learn how Knapp demonstrated the trade-offs between cost savings and teacher retention
Sina Beaghley

Sina Beaghley, a senior international/defense policy analyst, spent more than a decade in government service where she developed and implemented national security and counterterrorism policies. At RAND, her research is deepening key policymakers' understanding of intelligence and information security challenges. Thanks to unrestricted donor support that RAND receives, she recently was able to quickly mobilize a research team to analyze the effects of a widespread data breach of more than 20 million U.S. government personnel and security files.

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Distinguished Chairs

Distinguished chairs are researchers recognized for distinction in their field and for groundbreaking efforts to solve some of the world's most challenging problems. Provided with time for independent research, mentoring, and other scholarly and professional pursuits, distinguished chairs help us increase public awareness of our mission and achieve the broadest possible impact.

Senior Fellows

Senior fellows are researchers who, having completed distinguished government or other policy analysis service, share their expertise with RAND as advisors to or members of project teams. Their experience helps ensure that we fulfill our commitment to helping policymakers make decisions that are based on the best available information.

Giving Profiles

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Impact Funds

Charles Zwick—a researcher at RAND from 1956 to 1965 who later served as both a trustee and an advisory trustee—presented RAND with $1 million and the charge to take on new and emerging policy challenges and to support top talent in their focus on these issues. Each year, Michael Rich, RAND’s president and CEO, draws on this generous gift to help RAND research and outreach teams extend the impact of completed research.

Zwick Impact Fund Projects

Centers of Excellence

The Bing Center For Health Economics was established with the help of a generous donation from former trustee Peter Bing. RAND economists have a long and distinguished history of applying innovative research methods to help improve health and the efficiency of health care service delivery. This center allows us to strengthen RAND's tradition of innovative, high-profile research in health economics and health services research.

The RAND Frederick S. Pardee Center for Longer Range Global Policy and the Future Human Condition was established through a generous $5 million pledge from RAND alumnus Frederick S. Pardee. The RAND Pardee Center aims to enhance the overall future quality and condition of human life by aggressively disseminating and applying new methods for long-term policy analysis in a wide variety of policy areas where they are needed most. The Pardee Center organizes its activities around two main themes: (1) advancing the state of the art in conducting long-term policy analysis so organizations can implement better long-range policy; and (2) developing and disseminating approaches that will help make proper stewardship for the future more commonly practiced.

The Rosenfeld Program in Asian Economic Development at the Pardee RAND Graduate School is made possible by the generosity of Eugene and Maxine Rosenfeld. The Rosenfelds' generous multiyear commitment supports research on international development and poverty alleviation conducted by students and by Professor Krishna Kumar, an expert in entrepreneurship and human capital accumulation.

Tang Institute For U.S.-China Relations. With generous donor funding, RAND created its first non-English web presence in 2012: a Chinese-language site that offers China-focused research and analysis from RAND in Mandarin. The support has also allowed our researchers to develop original research in and about China and to facilitate dissemination of research through expert participation in international conferences. These initiatives are underwritten by the Tang Institute for U.S.-China Relations, which resides within the RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy and was endowed with a generous gift from the Cyrus Chung Ying Tang Foundation.

RAND's Advisory Boards consist of leaders in the public and private sectors who have demonstrated personal distinction, practical experience, leadership, and a commitment to transcending partisan conflicts and political ideologies. Advisory board members enrich RAND by adding their diverse experience, perspective, and expertise to our efforts to improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis. Their balanced input helps us achieve our mission and make a difference. Among other things, members of advisory boards help develop the research agenda, provide philanthropic support for the research agenda, increase public awareness of RAND and help to disseminate research findings to targeted audiences, and assist in attracting the best minds to produce research that will influence policy.

To find out more about ways to participate on advisory boards or help establish centers of excellence at RAND, contact our development office at (800) 757-4618 or giving@rand.org.