Why Work at RAND?

Because you want to make a difference.

Photo of four RAND employees posing together at a celebration on the roof of the Santa Monica Headquarters.

RAND staff enjoy an end of the fiscal year celebratory event on the roof of Santa Monica Headquarters

Photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND

Make Real Impact

For 75 years, decisionmakers around the world have turned to RAND for help solving the most complex and consequential public policy challenges. RAND is known for its foundational contributions to computing, artificial intelligence, the internet, terrorism research, GPS, systems analysis, space surveillance, and game theory.

You may have heard of landmark studies like the RAND Health Insurance Experiment, which showed how patient cost sharing affects total health care costs, quality of care, and population health; and how RAND's studies of sexual orientation in the U.S. military informed the repeal of its “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” policy.

Today, we're addressing many pressing issues, such as:

  • Russia's war in Ukraine. RAND experts are analyzing the war from countless angles, providing insights on Russian and Ukrainian capabilities, refugee assistance, the potential for diplomacy, and much more.
  • Rising tensions with China. Building on decades of RAND research on U.S.-China competition, we're studying geopolitical trends in the Indo-Pacific, China's pursuit of overseas military bases, and how Beijing uses economic coercion.
  • Climate and energy changes. By examining the economic stressors and social changes that are intertwined with environmental changes, we can design resilience plans and develop long-term solutions to alleviate the effects of climate and energy changes.
  • Countering autocracy. Democratic societies are facing political gridlock, polarization, and a loss of faith in civic institutions. We're finding new ways and better policies to bolster the strength, appeal, and success of democracy.
  • Inequality and inequity. We're studying structural disadvantages in the United States and elsewhere and helping to chart a path toward a more equitable society.
  • Technology policy. We're assessing how emerging technologies can be governed in a way that maximizes their potential to improve human health and well-being while mitigating the risks they could otherwise pose.
  • Gun violence. Our project team is providing a set of facts that can be used to develop fair and effective gun policies.
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Our Core Values: Quality and Objectivity

Quality and objectivity enable RAND's mission to help improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis. Our findings and recommendations are fueled by the best data, the strongest methods, and the brightest minds. Our research must pass an exacting quality-assurance process. We're also committed to the highest level of integrity and ethical behavior.

As a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization, RAND is widely respected for operating independent of political and commercial pressures. We're committed to the public interest, and our research publications are available for free online.

You Are Welcome Here

RAND employees are mission-driven, smart, engaged, creative, passionate, and curious.

Collectively, we share:

  • a strong sense of purpose
  • a commitment to our core values of quality and objectivity
  • the belief that no problem is too big, too complex, or too controversial for us to take on
  • creativity and openness to new ideas
  • and the understanding that a diverse staff and an inclusive environment enable effective teamwork.

We take pride in the RAND community, and we strive to make everyone feel welcome and valued. Events bring colleagues together from across work silos for fun, well-being, learning, and connection. Examples include:

  • celebrations of the many cultures and backgrounds represented at RAND and in the communities we serve
  • conversations with RAND experts on timely topics
  • unplugged events that help us take a break, socialize, and relax, such as a chili cook-off or a "Tai Chi and tea" session.

Even more activities are hosted by RAND's employee resource groups. These employee-led communities encourage connection among colleagues, help uplift cultural awareness throughout the organization, and contribute ideas that support RAND's broader efforts to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

After hours, we participate in various social clubs, from softball to gaming to playing in a jazz band.

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Research Professionals: We Help Get Your Work Out There

RAND's strategic communications experts can expand the reach of your research.

Digital Strategy & Outreach

Our communications strategists, designers, and multimedia experts partner with research teams to disseminate RAND findings online. These professionals deliver compelling digital assets—tools, visualizations, videos—to engage the project's target audiences. Social media managers can promote your work on RAND's digital channels and offer you thorough training and guidance.

RAND employee Jennifer Bouey testifying in a court room.

Jennifer Bouey testifies before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission

Photo by Nathaniel Lutovsky/RAND

Media Relations

Our media relations team has relationships with reporters and media outlets to facilitate coverage of you and your research. Studios in our Santa Monica, Washington, and Pittsburgh offices are available for remote or in-person TV and radio interviews. Commentary editors can advise you on how best to write for newspapers, magazines, and other outlets.

Congressional Relations

Our congressional relations team helps to further RAND's mission by getting your research to policymakers on Capitol Hill. The team also provides information about congressional activities and interests. Our staff is committed to making your work readily accessible on a bipartisan basis through briefings, testimony, and other services.

Operations Professionals: Your Expertise Is Essential

RAND provides an exciting intellectual environment and opportunities for career growth. But what makes our jobs rewarding is that everyone at RAND is committed to advancing the public good. Our work matters. It takes many people with different skill sets for RAND research to reach and connect with our audiences and to have meaningful impact in the world.

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Three employees chatting at a work event.

Supervisor of Print Production Kimbria McCarty engages in a discussion about the Office of External Affairs' production services

Photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND

Some of the operations roles we hire are:

  • administrative assistants
  • budget/financial analysts
  • communications analysts
  • compensation analysts
  • contract administrators
  • digital producers
  • editors and proofreaders
  • graphic designers
  • human resources business partners
  • information systems security officers
  • legislative analysts
  • multimedia producers
  • operations administrators
  • quality assurance analysts
  • recruiters
  • research data specialists
  • research librarians
  • research programmers
  • security specialists
  • software engineers
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Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Our compensation is competitive with other nonprofit research organizations such as universities, government organizations, and think tanks. We also offer a comprehensive benefit package that includes family and caregiver support, significant retirement benefits, and four weeks of vacation with additional sabbatical pay for many positions.

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