Wellness Now, Value Later


(Modern Healthcare)

woman at a workplace wellness expo

photo by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

by Soeren Mattke and Kristin R. Van Busum

July 2, 2013

Across the country, workplace wellness programs are making Americans healthier, paying quality-of-life dividends for millions of participating workers now and into the future. Employers are screening workers for diseases, paying for health club memberships and providing incentives to encourage healthier lifestyle choices.

This is a good thing. But it's just not good for the reason many employers and lots of other people think it is....

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Soeren Mattke is a senior scientist at the not-for-profit RAND Corp. and managing director, RAND Health Advisory Services. Kristin Van Busum is a health project associate at RAND.

This commentary originally appeared in Modern Healthcare on June 29, 2013. Commentary gives RAND researchers a platform to convey insights based on their professional expertise and often on their peer-reviewed research and analysis.