Gender Equity in the Workplace


Despite gains in the workplace over recent decades, women continue to receive lower pay, experience lower workforce participation, and may miss career advancement opportunities due to motherhood. RAND's research has examined the challenges and discrimination women face in many settings, including the military, the health care sector, and emergency services, as well as the impact of parenting and family life on career outcomes.

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    Ending the 'Brogrammer' Culture: How to Close the Gender Gap

    May 17, 2018

    Despite recent progress, women are significantly outnumbered in technology, comprising only 30 percent of the workforce worldwide. It's up to society, governments, and technology companies to close the gap. Improving internet access, education, and career opportunities for women could help.

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    Journal Article

    Differences in Physician Income by Gender

    May 15, 2018

    About half of medical school matriculants are women. But male physicians have significantly higher incomes than their female counterparts. After adjusting for many factors, including hours worked, 30 percent of this disparity remains unexplained.

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