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  • The Patrick Air Force Base Honor Guard waits for the open ranks inspection portion of the 2004 Air Force Space Command honor guard competition here March 23, photo by Tech. Sgt. Ken Bergmann/U.S. Air Force


    Can Artificial Intelligence Help Improve Air Force Talent Management?

    Jan 19, 2021

    An AI-enabled performance-scoring system could enable the U.S. Air Force to leverage existing data for improved human resource management policies and practices. How could this help senior leaders take full advantage of performance records when making talent management decisions?

  • Network illustrations depicting online conspiracy theories, images by miakievy and Cecilia Escudero/Getty Images


    Machine Learning Can Detect Online Conspiracy Theories

    Apr 29, 2021

    As social media platforms work to prevent malicious or harmful uses of their services, an improved model of machine-learning technology can detect and understand conspiracy theory language. Insights from this modeling effort can help counter the effects of online conspiracies.

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