John Gordon IV

John Gordon IV

Adjunct Policy Researcher

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John Gordon IV is an adjunct policy researcher at the RAND Corporation. He joined RAND in 1997 after a 20-year U.S. Army career and has since participated in and led numerous studies for the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Departments of the Army and Navy. Gordon has authored or coauthored several RAND studies on counterinsurgency and irregular warfare. He has led or participated in RAND research projects for the governments of the United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, and Germany. Gordon is also an adjunct faculty member at Georgetown and George Mason universities, where he teaches graduate-level courses on counterinsurgency and military operations. He has written numerous articles on military subjects that have appeared in a variety of professional journals. Gordon received his Ph.D. in public policy from George Mason University.


Ph.D. in public policy, George Mason University; M.A. in international relations, St. Mary's University; M.B.A. in management principals, Marymount University; B.A. in history, The Citadel

Selected Work

  • John Gordon IV, Brett Andrew Wallace, Daniel Tremblay, John Hollywood, Keeping Law Enforcement Connected: Information Technology Needs from State and Local Agencies, RAND Corporation (TR-1165), 2012
  • Christopher G. Pernin, Elliot Axelband, Jeffrey A. Drezner, Brian B. Dille, John Gordon IV, Bruce J. Held, K. Scott McMahon, Walter L. Perry, Christopher Rizzi, Akhil R. Shah, Peter A. Wilson, Jerry M. Sollinger, Lessons from the Army's Future Combat Systems Program, RAND Corporation (MG-1206), 2012
  • F. Stephen Larrabee, Stuart E. Johnson, John Gordon IV, Peter A. Wilson, Caroline Baxter, Deborah Lai, Calin Trenkov-Wermuth, NATO and the Challenges of Austerity, RAND Corporation (MG-1196), 2012
  • John Gordon, Fighting for MacArthur: The Navy and Marine Corps' Desperate Defense of the Philippines, Naval Institute Press, 2011
  • Angel Rabasa, John Gordon IV, Peter Chalk, Christopher S. Chivvis, Audra K. Grant, K. Scott McMahon, Laurel E. Miller, Marco Overhaus, Stephanie Pezard, From Insurgency to Stability: Volume I: Key Capabilities and Practices, RAND Corporation (MG-1111/1), 2011
  • Angel Rabasa, John Gordon IV, Peter Chalk, Audra K. Grant, K. Scott McMahon, Stephanie Pezard, Caroline Reilly, David Ucko, S. Rebecca Zimmerman, From Insurgency to Stability: Volume II: Insights from Selected Case Studies, RAND Corporation (MG-1111/2), 2011
  • Robert W. Button, John Gordon IV, Dick Hoffmann, Jessie Riposo, Peter A. Wilson, Maritime Prepositioning Force (Future) Capability Assessment: Planned and Alternative Structures, RAND Corporation (MG-943), 2010
  • John Gordon IV, John Matsumura, The Army's Role in Overcoming Anti-Access and Area Denial Challenges, RAND Corporation (RR-229), 2013

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