John S. Hollywood

John S. Hollywood
Senior Operations Researcher


Ph.D. in operations research, MIT; B.S. in applied mathematics, MIT


John S. Hollywood (he/him) is a senior operations researcher at the RAND Corporation, where he conducts decision science research in the areas of criminal justice, homeland security, and information technology. He is an internationally-recognized expert on the use of machine learning in policing and criminal justice technology more broadly. He recently led projects including: development of a web resource on preventing and protecting against mass attacks; a web resource on top policing strategies and how to implement them; evaluating ICE's body worn camera pilot; a technology evaluation at a major active shooting exercise in Grand Central Terminal; numerous panels to determine science and technology-related needs for the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security; and multi-year evaluations of predictive policing experiments and real-time crime operations centers. He previously served as the manager of the RAND Center for Quality Policing and Director of the NLECTC Information and Geospatial Technologies Center. He has written opinion pieces on best practices in counterterrorism and law enforcement technology for The Hill, United Press InternationalCNN, The Charlotte Observer, Crane's Chicago Business, Government Technology, and ORMS Today.  

Selected Publications

Hollywood, John S., Richard H. Donohue, Tara Richardson, Andrew Lauland, Cliff Karchmer, Jordan R. Reimer, Thomas Goode, Dulani Woods, Pauline Moore, Patricia A. Stapleton, Erik E. Mueller, Mark Pope, and Tom Scott, Mass Attacks Defense Toolkit, RAND Corporation (TL-A1613-1), 2022

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Hollywood, John S., Kenneth N. McKay, Dulani Woods, and Denis Agniel, Real-Time Crime Centers in Chicago: Evaluation of the Chicago Police Department's Strategic Decision Support Centers, RAND Corporation (RR-3242-BJA), 2019

Hollywood, John S., Dulani Woods, Sean E. Goodison, Andrew Lauland, Lisa Wagner, Thomas J. Wilson, and Brian A. Jackson, Fostering Innovation in U.S. Law Enforcement: Identifying High-Priority Technology and Other Needs for Improving Law Enforcement Operations and Outcomes, RAND Corporation (RR-1814-NIJ), 2017

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